(Coming from Cubes) The search revealed another set of tunnels in the same configuration than the ones they saw above at the bottom of the Hall of the Golden Cubes, as Janus decided to dub it. Covered with the strange scale-looking pattern, one tube is heading up, one down, one left and one right.

“So you are telling me that the best way to leave is to go up this slide? And how are you planning to do that?” The warrior is starting to climb up one tunnel by sticking his head and torso inside the tube. Hi legs are now protruding, like if he was half-eaten by some gigantic worm. The sorcerer is more interested on the construction of the hall. By illuminating with his medallion, he can see the room is almost round and covered irregularly by scales, like an inverted turtle shell. In the center, a small lake twice his length, filled with  crystalline water, lays like waiting to be disturbed by a cube thrown to it. Which he does right away. The consequent “plouf” is feature less.

“If you are not careful going up, better said, if I’m not careful, we will end up sliding down back to this room!  And this gold I get as a souffle in case we don’t manage is very heavy. My heart, on the other hand, flies free now…”

“Souvenir. You mean souvenir, not souffle. It means memento.”

“Souvenir, souffle, whatever. You’re the smart guy, you understand what I mean.” The sorcerer sights. “In any case, if I can grab the scales up, or if I fail, we will all come back to this room. Or only you, if you are after me. I don’t want to risk it, I need you, Janus.” The sorcerer smiles, but the knight ignores the acknowledgment. “There must be a secret exit somewhere. The people who built this chamber should have come through a door…”

“What tells you they were people? Maybe a crawler made this!” Sir Regs laughs out loud. His voice is propagated up through the tunnel he’s investigating, and coming back to the chamber distorted and amplified.

“The crawlers are not people. They don’t make tunnels, neither use gold as currency! Everybody knows that. They are just big bugs fond of shinny stuff. Therefore the treasure. Don’t you have a spell to see through the stone? I bet you the makers of this place have hidden the door under a fake wall, or under a mirage. Don’t you have a spell to uncover mirage?” The warrior was back down the tunnel, sitting on his ass. His look is emiting bad vibes to the sorcerer. The way up is not going to be easy.

“I don’t have such a spells.” Janus suppress the urge of shouting to his companion, just to explain him how magic works. Maybe with a song so he will remember it. Then he looks at his reflection on the central lake. “I do have one to transform water onto beer…and I have one idea.” Sir Reg looks at the lake also. Then his eyes shine like a teenager in the presence of a good-looking naked woman.

“Wait. A. Minute. Are you kidding me?”

“No, I don’t. ” The sorcerer was widely smiling now to the warrior. Sir Reg was trying to read the face of Janus. “I brought the spell  in case we need to celebrate. Do we need to?”

“Now? You see that pile of water, over there? It’s around one barrel. Will your spell manage to make it all beer? ”

“Why dont we try it? Pfungstater Schoffenhoffer Budweiser Guinness! ” After his magical words, there is a white bubbling on the lake, and next thing he knows is that Sir Reg is in the lake, spilling cold beer over him, splashing like a fully armored hippo in love.


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