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Raspberry PI kivy touchscreen clock

I got a lot of Raspberry PI from display calendars, with touchscreen. Since they are not going to be used anymore (in principle) I want to recycle them somehow. The idea is to have a small screen that will give … Continue reading

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OSX change all computer names

There are several exploits appearing recently on the macs. For example the¬†root hole on OSX High Sierra. To change once for all your new laptop name “MyName-macbookpro”, we need to type 3 simple commands in a row: scutil –set ComputerName … Continue reading

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The foebook

– So I was invited to this thing…the foebook…do you have it? – I can’t tell you, sorry. – But you can speak about it, right? – Yes, I could. You can indeed speak about it. – I think I … Continue reading

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Small talk

When the car arrived I found out it was already occupied. Schmidt was all distributed over the back sit. He gave me his crooked smile and waved his hand to end up pointing to the opposite couch, like if the … Continue reading

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Where do we go now

I was wondering: my goal when I started writing here was simply to empty my mind, to clean up my logs, to write down what I passed through during my work so I don’t need to do it again. Of … Continue reading

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Python test we can connect to MySQL db

Probably you have mysql for some reason. You may have some form of it¬†because of Leginon or you simply have phpMyAdmin because you need it for something else. If you don’t have it, probably you will anytime soon, since database … Continue reading

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Enable ping response on Windows 7

New devices come with windows computers. Or they don’t come with computers but we need to attach a windows PC. In any case, it is usually nice to have it online, so we can transfer data from them, etc. And … Continue reading

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