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CryoSPARC 2 update on CentOS 7

We have installed previously CryoSPARC 2, but since I’m kind of conservative about, I didn’t update it until I had a feature request from an user. The update is in principle quite easy. You just run cryosparcm update on the … Continue reading

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AI question

– If I’m an AI and I know how afraid the humans are of what can I do, will I reveal myself? In other words, how do we know there’s no posthuman intelligence already? – I’m sitting on a bench with … Continue reading

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Repairing a old OS disk with fsck

I have a Fedora 19 system that has been running as a data proxy without a break for like 4 years already. It’s on another subnet, and I don’t have easy access to it, so it has not been updated … Continue reading

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Install pyEM on CentOS 7

After a week of silence, I’m back on track. I managed to integrate pyEM onto our systems, and this is my log about. We want it to export cryoSPARC data to relion. Since we don’t start from scratch, my first … Continue reading

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Different data deletion methods

I was needing a nice summary of deletion methods, what they mean and what they do. What happens when you delete something, and how reliable is your deletion method? Operation/tool Meaning Consequence Delete (in Explorer, or other file explorer) File is … Continue reading

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VR Squatters

– So, y’know, n’found that piz of cyber, that, y’know, it’s empty. – My friend Adam apparently found another virgin land on his wanders. He’s a very lucky explorer. I look at my headset and gloves. They are already charged, … Continue reading

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Climate Fiction Reveals Just How “Weird” Humans Truly Are

My first reblog is to advertise  the paper book collection of short tales Lost Objects, by Marian Womack. Check out her interview by the Chicago review of Books here. I know Marian since she was a teenager. But life is life, … Continue reading

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