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The foebook

– So I was invited to this thing…the foebook…do you have it? – I can’t tell you, sorry. – But you can speak about it, right? – Yes, I could. You can indeed speak about it. – I think I … Continue reading

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Where do we go now

I was wondering: my goal when I started writing here was simply to empty my mind, to clean up my logs, to write down what I passed through during my work so I don’t need to do it again. Of … Continue reading

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Ho ho ho

I wake up and I look to my desk in the darkness. There’s definitely something moving over there. My cat? It can’t be my cat, I don’t have one as far as I remember. A rat? One of the outside … Continue reading

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I don’t like it

I know that it’s a lame excuse, but I got a new laptop, and when I type the keyboard does this “tip tap tip tap tap ” that may remembers you to a typewriter but it’s not a typewriter. I … Continue reading

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Video killed the radio star

“Mann, are you still mad at us?” Maria said, with her deep voice. We walk slowly through the maze of curly streets of the historic center of our city, following Anna. Around us, some small street stands are showing vegetables … Continue reading

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The future

Now imagine you live in the future. Actually you do: your smartphone, when the network is fine, and provided you can pay the data bill, will give you access to all the history of mankind, to the level of detail … Continue reading

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A short one

I was wondering where are the limits. Can I write down a short story able to become an anthem, a legend carved in your brain? Something that fits for a tweet, but also for a Nobel Prize in Literature. Probably … Continue reading

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