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Not so easy

Sorry guys but it looks like I can’t comfortably connect from here, so probably this blog will experience a holiday break. Besides, I’m in another time zone, which adds a plus to it if you are a man of costumes. … Continue reading

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I am your father

It looks like cassettes are coming back. Also Star Wars, so I decided to recycle this old joke. Although I don’t miss the cassettes, I think MP3 killed the feeling of uniqueness you were having when hearing one 90-minutes tape … Continue reading

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Blog Stats

I’ve been researching a little about what’s the current world’s usage of this tool called WordPress. (WP from now on). I want to know who’s using it, and who’s developing on in. I know it from long time ago, but … Continue reading

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The Yellow Earth

I think I will manage to make a eBook out of the last posts. I mean, something that you can read and have the feeling it was initially planned as a whole (it was not). I don’t know what I … Continue reading

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The cupola/cathedral

This looks very similar to how I imagine it. Above, a book example of an english perpendicular style cupola. Unfortunately, I lost the source…maybe it’s Cambridge…I could make a more accurate drawing myself of what I try to tell on The … Continue reading

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Not yet there

I don’t have clear what’s going to happen with Jesse and Machiko, and also the plot of the story. I don’t even have a title for the project. But I have an universe, a big scene, so maybe I can … Continue reading

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I’m craving for strawberries. The ones from my childhood, the ones I was stealing from the greenhouse plantations. It’s been years since I try some. In the System, the taste of food is not a priority. It’s not like in … Continue reading

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