The water wedding (XXII)

– This is going to be very difficult for me. – We just dressed and started the engine again. The break I did was exactly what I was needing to adjust my empathy levels. – Kris, I know you, and I know you’re trying to cope with the changes I triggered, but on this life, one needs to understand that there is a moment when you have no choice but embrace the changes. – I nod. – As your superior officer, from now on I forbid you to use your nanobots unless they are really needed.

– Why is that? – I’m focused on the road. I’m looking forward to reach the Golden Towers, somehow I feel like now I will understand more about what they are, what they mean, than before when I started the trip. And now I get this weird order.

– Although they don’t always know what they say, the Imperial Guard has sensors. And they will be triggered if you use your enhancements. I can’t prove that to you, so you need to trust me. – I turn my head to look at him for a second. Hakim is facing the infinite, like remembering something sad that happened long time ago. I’m tempted to ask what does it mean trust for him, then he continues. – I love you, Kris. I told you. But this world we live, this Empire, is not fair for everybody. You may think the Emperor and the Empress are the ones with the power to decide what you can have and what you can’t. Or maybe the Court. The truth is, they don’t have such a power. We have. The future is ours, we have the right to decide what we do with it.

– I understand. – And I do, and I seem to recall now that Hakim spoke this way before, when I didn’t have the nanos to help me to process the information. – A position of power can result on an abuse of power.

– Right. Is that the nanocites speaking, or does it come from Kris? – I hit his head with my hand. – Ouch. Just joking. I will add something to your digression. This is what we call the power loop. You make somebody powerful and this person will abuse of that. You need some kind of control. So, enlight me Kris, how can we escape from the power loop?

– I don’t know. – I sort out a big hump on the road. We both jump from our sits synchronously, like toys out of a spring box. I think I should laugh at the picture, but I can’t. So I continue like if nothing happened. – I suppose… the only way to escape is to hide this power from the others, so the others will not realize the subject has power.

– Very good. The so called “power in the shadow”. Well, we need to be that power, Kris. We need to watch that our little world, that is, the Empire, does survive the current crisis. And by crisis I mean the wedding…

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The water wedding (XXI)

Something is definitely different on me. While we drive through the Forest of the Tree Men, I seem to perceive each of the arboreal humans that pullulate in the green like a shinny dot on my peripheral view. Sometimes, when they are too close, like directly over us, I even see the shape of them, superimposed like a moving chalk drawing over the trees. I don’t mention about my new sense to Hakim, that seems to be deep into his own thoughts. Besides, maybe he’s even feeling them also.

There are so many questions now. And so few answers. I wonder why I didn’t ask myself before what is my purpose in the world. Why we live under the rule of the Emperor, when he/she doesn’t even know about our existence. Well, they know now, we are going to his wedding, but that’s secondary. Why we can’t travel freely through the world. I seem to know now that it’s because something called radiation. Why we fight the System. Why we don’t have technology, but some of us have. Is it because we don’t know how to make new things anymore. It is funny how the answers come to me, there’s a tickle somewhere in my head and there I have it.

The Tree Men, are they human? From the silhouette, I could say yes. They have two arms, two legs, and a head. A funny shaped head, but a head. I try to probe mine, try to get the tickle. The tickle on the back of my brain. It’s not actually on the back, but on the limbic cortex, also known as the lizard brain. They, the nanobots, are building their emergency systems there, thanks for the info. Building status, 89 percent. Also irrelevant. I remember Hakim saying me that I will be able to communicate with them in a way, maybe he was referring to this. Question: how long until we reach the Golden Towers? Answer: it’s three hundred klicks away, so at least five hours. I now have acquired also a superior sense of time and space, I know we need to use patterns to be sure we measure the same. The pattern of time is the second, that is more or less lasting a breath. The pattern of space is the meter. I’m one point sixty seven. My arm is more or less half a meter long. All of this is not interesting, but practical.

– Don’t you want to make a break? – Hakim. My master, my lover, my partner. – You have been driving like crazy for the last two hours or so. I’m impressed, by the way, you did not even get close to collide to anything in our way. When we crossed that green tree tunnel, like half an hour ago, I was tempted to ask you to reduce the speed…but then I saw your look. – A break. Why not? I reduce the auto speed, and look at him. – You look different. The nanobots are speaking to you, right?

– Yes. I know now more precisely where we are and where we go. – Hakim smiles the smile I love, but now I don’t feel the same when I see it. It may be my new brain. Yes it is. Now I’m more rational. – We are three hours away from the Golden Towers.

– That’s fantastic! So we can indeed make a break. Are you now fully reconfigured? – I understand what he says immediately.

– 89 percent. – I ask my lizard brain. No, they are not going to be done any time soon.

– 89. Nice number. You know, I can feel you nanobots. They want to speak to mine. But they can’t unless they are fully installed. And unless you leave them do so. – I break the car. After all, it doesn’t matter where we park: there’s rarely traffic through this road anyway. – What I mean, Kris, is that they do change you, but you don’t need to change. Yes, I know what you are going to say. They are indeed cannibalising somehow your limbic cortex. Where the emotions live. But they don’t destroy it, they improve it, so that you will be able to feel joy if you want… or pleasure, by the way. This change is good, not bad. So don’t let them change you, I mean, don’t let the new powers change you. You are nice as you are. Please don’t change, even if the world is changed. Please. – He puts his hand in my cheek. I grab it, and I get closer to him, and we kiss.


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OSX samba file list taking long time


I have a hard disk called BKUP connected to my Fritz Box at home. I was tired of transferring files to my hard disk via dropbox/owncloud or similar, so I upgraded my 5-year-old wifi antenna. It was cheaper than buying a specific NAS or mounting an ftp somewhere, and definitely I feel the improvement on speed.

I access to BKUP via ES File Explorer, going to LAN section. On my android phone 7.1.2 it works quite well, without no delay I’m able to list the content of my folder with 1457 files and sub folders. Now, when I connect to it via samba from my mac High Sierra 10.13.5, I can list only the upper level folder…the one I’m interested, with the 1457 items, I can’t list. There’s no error message whatsoever, it’s simply taking forever. Why is that?

On the Plazko IO blog I stumble across a similar story, but on a working environment. It’s an interesting story that I’m going to spoil you: they solve it by buying an additional Ubuntu computer. I could buy one as they did, but I pass: no need to kill a fly with a canyon. I keep searching and on the Apple Community I found a decent solution.  Quick and dirty, no need to reboot. Here it comes:

$ > echo “[default]” >> ~/Library/Preferences/nsmb.conf; echo “smb_neg=smb1_only” >> ~/Library/Preferences/nsmb.conf

It’s a one-liner that you can cut-and-copy on a terminal. After that, both my Finder and from the terminal “ls /Volumes/BKUP/Folder-with-a-lot/” give me an answer on a reasonable time. Now I don’t have an excuse to clean up the 1457 files!

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Coinreruf (I)

(EDIT: The water wedding will continue, but this idea is drilling my mind and I need to get rid of it first. Maybe tomorrow you will get the draft published)

The shell is feeling fantastic in my hands. This one is smooth as volcanic stones, and filled with undulations like the sea, up and down, up and down. It is almost circular, and the ligament is missing, probably eroded by the waves. It has a considerable size, like an orange, or something similar. The biggest one I got so far.

– Where did you get this one? I need to know. –
– Close to the reefs, m’dam. It’s white, as white as the moon, as white as the milk. –
– You are definitely not a poet. What’s your name?
– Rokulan, m’dam. My family is extense, and my mother run out of names after the first three children. So we have nicknames…that are fine at home, but not if you go out of the village…
– I don’t want to hear about your life. So, why did you choose this shell?
– It is as beautiful as you, m’dam. So I thought it was given to me by the sea as a message. The message is saying: “Go and find Coinreruf, and propose her marriage”.
– Is this what you want, Rokulan? Marriage? Or you came just for company? – It is not the first time the villagers come to me speaking of marriage when what they really want is my services. And it is really easier if we dump the moral stuff from the start.
– If I may be sincere, m’dam, I’m a simple man with simple needs…like everybody else. But I was told that…
– What you were told needs to be left aside. This shell… I can feel it’s beautiful. When I touch it, the memory of the sea comes to my mind. So it has a great value for me. Please, Rokulan, ask me what you want.

There was movement of clothes around me. My hut is in partial darkness, as I’m blind, but I learnt to image what is going on from the wind, the smell and the sounds. Rokulan is getting naked. Still in silence, I move up my skirt, knowing that the man will not ignore the gesture, if he had enough light to see.

– You are so beautiful. – This starts to irritate me. I leave the shell behind, on my basket, and decide to take the initiative.
– I don’t like empty words. – In a move, I got rid of my shirt also. The sea wind made my nipples hard. I cup my breasts with both hands, and offer them to Rokulan. – Do you want this? Or do you prefer to taste me? – I open my legs wide, so that such a peasant could understand what I mean without calling it names. – Answer me, or do it. – I start then to smell him, getting closer and closer. I’m still on my knees. Rokulan smells of sea, but also of fire and animal bowels. Also of lack of sex, the smell of people that don’t have anybody to relieve them.

– Are you married, Rokugan?
– No, I’m not. But I know how to do it, if this is what is concerning you.
– I can teach you how to do it. I’ve been on this business since I lost sight.
– And when was that, if I may ask?
– You may not. As I said, I don’t like empty words. And I know that you don’t want to know about it, you just want to put this – guided by the smell, I grab his erected member, practically at the height of my mouth, since I’m still on my knees – somewhere inside me. – He makes a muffled sound when I release his willy, no more as hard as before. I hear him step back.

– Are you scared, Rokugan?
– A little. I didn’t know you were so rude. You see, my thing lost the mood! – He is almost crying, I can smell his tears. – After all the effort I took to select a shell able to buy my time with you…
– You have your time. The shell was amazing. The best of my collection so far. – I do what I think is an invitation sign. – Come here, let’s fix your problem, if that’s fine for you.
– It is fine for me. – Slowly, he comes. I grab his sad member and start playing with it. The thing answer quickly to my care. – Much better! – He says. We start business.

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crYOLO conda error: bad interpreter

Creating a new virtual environment for crYOLO, that implement You Only Look Once for particle picking, I stumbled upon this error. I saw it before, but here we don’t use python so much, I mean, we use it only for installations. Now I have two versions of python compiled and working with their corresponding modules. The reason to have this is to be independent of the Linux client (and the updates it may get by mistake). I already installed the last Sphire version and wrote the corresponding module. So the error is:

module load python-2.7.13
conda create -n cryolo python=2 pyqt=5
-bash: /my/anaconda2/bin/conda: 
/usr/local/anaconda2/bin/python: bad interpreter: 
No such file or directory

I’m probably guilty here. It seems that the installed conda looks for the “native” python, that is installed on /usr/local/anaconda2/bin/. So how do we fix it? As usual, somebody on StackOverflow already found this error before. I first localize my python.

which python

Then I replace, as suggested, the shennanigan on my conda.

which conda
vi /my/anaconda2/bin/conda

On conda, where it is written /usr/local/anaconda2/bin/python I write /my/anaconda2/bin/python. After this small modification, I’m able to create the cryolo virtual environment and so on. I love simple solutions 🙂


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OSX : Can’t Exit Full Screen Mode in X11

Back to working topics. To start a remote GUI from a mac (ssh) you need an X11 client. You can download the official XOrg client here. I have plenty of experience with this client, since most of my people access to the cluster via ssh. One of the annoyances I found of the client is that it may not work as expected after it is updated, due to your specific X11 configuration. There are hundred of reasons why you may not have the “standard” configuration, or why the configuration is changed. For example, some linux programs, when installed, ask you (or not) to modify your environment. I could name a couple, but I will not.

So you want to run your program via ssh and you end up with a window that occupies all your screen. No buttons are visible, nothing. The solution is simple, but you need to know itCMD+comma (,)  should bring you up this window:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 14.17.38

Uncheck the “Full-screen mode”, close the window, close everything and try again. Now, you should have the GUI you request with a “natural” size. See ya! 😀

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Borne by Vandermeer

F*ck. I bought this book for random reasons and I find the plot is somehow overlapping with my Yellow Earth. I didn’t finish it yet, but I must if I want my plot to be really original. We’ll see how long it takes me 🙂

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