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Code 43 Error: Windows has stopped this device

Ay ay ay Windows! It is so nice but so picky… sometimes it doesn’t let you work with devices that were not with it from the very installation time. I found this Code 43 Error when I decided to add … Continue reading

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Dell P620 noisy running W.10

Just notes. I installed W.10 on a P620 from 2013 with 3 GPUs, just to find out the fans were making an unbearable noise¬†under no load, that is, with an indle server. It looks like we could change the fanspeed … Continue reading

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A ddrescue on CentOS 7

Sorry no literature yet. I do not find time to write down my dreams, but they are there. I’ve been having headaches trying to recover a dying Windows 7 system with vital hardware running on it. Since I am a … Continue reading

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Windows batch script tips

I’m again on fire. I want to automatize data transfers on Windows. For that, I need to write a script. Instead of going for python, this time I will try with a Windows batch script. This is just a list … Continue reading

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What is Predictive Analytics?

I want to do big data. Unfortunately there is a lot of noise about big data and data mining. There is even now a popular saying related with the topic: “Big data is like teenage sex: everybody is speaking about … Continue reading

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Reorder the network connections on Windows 10

As a part of the leginon installation we may need to reorder the network connections, so that one of them is seen always as the first one. The reordering described on the picture and link above seems to work just … Continue reading

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MS Office Excel 2016 hide unused rows and columns

It’s been a while since I use MS Excel (I’m a free software guy). When I was given a kind of database all written on Excel, so big that you can’t print it on a single page, I almost scream. … Continue reading

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