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Windows 10 enable ping and AD login

It is done similar to Windows 7. Just to save your time, in my case it didn’t work enabling some of the firewall rules:   Click Advanced Settings on the left. From the left pane of the resulting window, click … Continue reading

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File systems supported by different OSs

I just found these tables that I think you should have always at hand, if you want to share successfully your files. This, of course, in case you don’t have your NAS, FTP, or OwnCloud service already available. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Enable ping response on Windows 7

New devices come with windows computers. Or they don’t come with computers but we need to attach a windows PC. In any case, it is usually nice to have it online, so we can transfer data from them, etc. And … Continue reading

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Windows XP ignoring the hosts file

A little bit of context is needed. We have a subnet with 3 computers that need to connect to each other. It’s a Windows XP, a Windows 7 and a Centos 6. We can’t get rid of the OS, since … Continue reading

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Basic Hellos

I’m going to start from tomorrow on a serie of posts about how to start programming on a selection of the most popular languages. My very ambitious aim is to demonstrate that, once you know the grammar, all the languages … Continue reading

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I found a virus on one of my people’s windows laptop. Its name is HiBrowLnk. I don’t know if you ever fought a virus, but you’re never sure unless you format your machine clean. Unfortunately, I can’t do that now, … Continue reading

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Software collaboration tools (II): Clearcase

Previously I gave 5 parameters that I could look for in a software collaboration tool. I pretend now to list some of them and try to give them some marks. Starting with the one I have more experience with. Introducing… … Continue reading

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