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ssh login ignoring bashrc

A small post for a small problem. I was editing my bash profile when I closed all my ssh windows to the remote machine I was working on, just to find out due to my (incomplete) modification I was not … Continue reading

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A Tkinter python multi-platform app/GUI

We wrote on python/wxpython Hello World a very simple window/gui. This time we are going to do it for real. The aim is to write “the app/GUI” that will run one command or another depending on the OS. We are … Continue reading

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Windows XP problems

Yes I know. Windows XP. Out of support. What a thing, right? But we still have some. Specially connected to very expensive devices, like a genome sequencer, an sub-millimeter spectrometer, these things. I don’t get so many devices managed by … Continue reading

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macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products. One important issue is always¬†how to write files on an NTFS drive. You can read them but … Continue reading

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Sharemouse, a Keyboard Video Mouse sharing solution for Windows and macOS

I have now 3 computers, real ones. And 4 monitors. But OK, let’s say I need them. What I don’t need is to have 3 keyboards and 3 mice. So I looked for a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) to make my life … Continue reading

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Sofacy (APT28) Attacks

I just read an interesting article about how the Sofacy group attacked multiple government entities. The link to the original paloalto networks article is here. In brief, the attack used a macro on an excel file. Now, I would like … Continue reading

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Windows 10 enable ping and AD login

It is done similar to Windows 7. Just to save your time, in my case it didn’t work enabling some of the firewall rules:   Click Advanced Settings on the left. From the left pane of the resulting window, click … Continue reading

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