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Slurm 18.08 database usage

Previously I told you about the problems you may have configuring the mariadb for the slurm daemon. Now I’m going to close this chapter by a little cheatsheet on accounting based on the sreport documentation and  the sacctmgr documentation. I … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome

I heard about it on the movies, I read about it. Positioned in front of my mirror is not the same free spirit that started studying Physics, but a businessman pater familias. This is what I have become, little by … Continue reading

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Star Hotel 2050 (IX)

– Papa. – We are heading back without speaking. After David fell asleep, we left the place, not before being sure the robot was notifying the authorities about the sleeping man. If the working laws are the same here than … Continue reading

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Have I Been Pwned?

There have been 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords leaked recently. This is a big number, and despite I’m not a IT security guy, I’m concerned.  I have a password manager, and I change my passsword quite regularly, because … Continue reading

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Financial Statements (V)

(END! Before you have Financial Statements I ,  part II and part III and part IV) – I must warn you, if you don’t sign our contract, we will trap you in a temporal singularity, Mr. Kena! For your own safety and the safety of … Continue reading

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Coinreruf (VI)

– Why, if I may ask? – She shows no surprise for my demand. Was she already asked to join the Court of our enemies? I will need to find out. There, standing naked in front of me, nor defiant … Continue reading

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Brondignach (VI)

I can’t actually slide down the spider silk string. My first jump put to a test the strength of my anchorage, and it turned the cable loose. What the hell I was thinking? Maybe I was not thinking at all, … Continue reading

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