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Add a puppet node to a foreman docker

There should be no difference between adding a node on a foreman server and on a foreman docker. But the world is not ideal, and things don’t work out of the box, therefore, here’s my HOWTO. The original source is … Continue reading

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Install ruby on CentOS 7

EDIT: this post is saved, canned, and I publish it now because I want to close the chapter and do something completely different 😛 I want to have dockers on foreman. Yes, again dockers. But I like them, what can … Continue reading

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A docker leginon on OSX

As a proof of concept, I installed a leginon docker on my MacBook Pro. The docker installation on a mac is kind of cute (see pic above). Once installed, I copy my Docker folder from my docker server to my mac … Continue reading

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Virtual Machines on CentOS 7

I’m getting more and more frustrated with lxc containers and dockers so I decided to have a look to the past. Instead of making a docker for my web tools and supercharge its services, I will try to create a … Continue reading

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A short one

I was wondering where are the limits. Can I write down a short story able to become an anthem, a legend carved in your brain? Something that fits for a tweet, but also for a Nobel Prize in Literature. Probably … Continue reading

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Blog Stats

I’ve been researching a little about what’s the current world’s usage of this tool called WordPress. (WP from now on). I want to know who’s using it, and who’s developing on in. I know it from long time ago, but … Continue reading

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I feel like I need to post it.

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