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Handling files with python

You know now how to write a multi-platform GUI with Tkinter. I don’t know what your GUI is doing, but it’s good to know a few things about how to log them. For that and for other purposes, we need … Continue reading

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Creative Crisis 2.0

It looks like I started the blog exactly 2 years ago, therefore I need to post. Two years ago I started this with a dual purpose: to take notes about what I do (bits) and to share my dreams and … Continue reading

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Borne by Vandermeer

F*ck. I bought this book for random reasons and I find the plot is somehow overlapping with my Yellow Earth. I didn’t finish it yet, but I must if I want my plot to be really original. We’ll see how … Continue reading

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Flying away

I’m going to Japan for a while. Please stay tuned: I will post as soon as I get settled. I need to resolve a wedding! In the meantime, I’m reading you 🙂

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macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products. One important issue is always how to write files on an NTFS drive. You can read them but … Continue reading

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C++ time operations

It’s not that I’m programming now, but I’m somehow reviewing old techniques that I don’t use since my PhD. You can play with them. To create a delay of 20 seconds: // time delay #include <time.h>     time_t    … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

Thank you so much thelilycafe for this nomination! Please do check out this lovely lady and give her a follow! The Rules Acknowledge the person who nominated you! Answer the 11 questions thelilycafe asked me about blogging. 11 random facts … Continue reading

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