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Climate Fiction Reveals Just How “Weird” Humans Truly Are

My first reblog is to advertise  the paper book collection of short tales Lost Objects, by Marian Womack. Check out her interview by the Chicago review of Books here. I know Marian since she was a teenager. But life is life, … Continue reading

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Install Chrome on CentOS 7

This was interesting. Fruitless, but interesting. I wanted to install a new browser to test some web-app that is supposed to work only on modern browsers.  Unfortunately Chrome works but not the web-thingy…so back to square zero. Anyway, as it … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 install on CentOS 7

There’s a new CryoSPARC available. We had a previous installation, but it can not be updated to this version. You need to ask for a new license. This is a boring post about how it is installed, plus the installation … Continue reading

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Windows robocopy configuration

I’m kind of puzzled about how different Linux rsync and Windows robocopy are. Maybe if you are a Windows user you are familiar with them, but I’m not. On StackOverflow there is a list of options to apply to robocopy, … Continue reading

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Handling files with python

You know now how to write a multi-platform GUI with Tkinter. I don’t know what your GUI is doing, but it’s good to know a few things about how to log them. For that and for other purposes, we need … Continue reading

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Creative Crisis 2.0

It looks like I started the blog exactly 2 years ago, therefore I need to post. Two years ago I started this with a dual purpose: to take notes about what I do (bits) and to share my dreams and … Continue reading

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Borne by Vandermeer

F*ck. I bought this book for random reasons and I find the plot is somehow overlapping with my Yellow Earth. I didn’t finish it yet, but I must if I want my plot to be really original. We’ll see how … Continue reading

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