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ImportError: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18′ not found on CentOS 7

I don’t have a solution for this one, but I managed to go ahead with different settings. I got this package from a colleague that is supposed to be of general interest. It does come with a binary inside, and … Continue reading

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[WARNING] Service returned no data for label gpu use error on munin node

If you have several Linux clients and no way to monitoring what’s going on munin is your friend. I have a couple of non-standard munin plugins that I’ve been scraping around so I was feeling brave enough to write a … Continue reading

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A docker fauria mailman list manager on CentOS 7

We want to have a web interface to an email list. The email list manager will have the power to edit the list, add people, remove people, or invite people massively. All these functions are available on this fauria mailman … Continue reading

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Slurm update on CentOS 7

We have a big disconnection time (finally!) and everybody is happily taking coffee and discussing about what to do during the holidays while I’m alone running around updating hardware and software.¬† I have updated the NVIDIA drivers, the kernel, the … Continue reading

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Sharemouse, a Keyboard Video Mouse sharing solution for Windows and macOS

I have now 3 computers, real ones. And 4 monitors. But OK, let’s say I need them. What I don’t need is to have 3 keyboards and 3 mice. So I looked for a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) to make my life … Continue reading

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Speed test with iperf on CentOS 7

We’re now having more than one GPFS client hooked up to a 10 GB line. The fact we have a 10 GB network available is not, unfortunately, meaning that we can have that speed, so we need some tool to … Continue reading

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/usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20′ not found CentOS 7

The GLIBCXX error is a recurrent one. It happens usually when I try to use new code¬†just compiled on an old system. The old system is my CentOS 7. I got it prevously, for example installing relion 2.1. But I … Continue reading

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