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GDM not starting on CentOS 7.6

We did a big update, as I mentioned previously, and after the update I found out some of the graphic cards were not anymore supported by the newest NVIDIA drivers for CentOS x64, at this moment  This may make … Continue reading

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GPFS error [E] Pagepool has size … instead of the requested … on CentOS 7

We just updated our GPFS systems for the new kernel. The installation was smooth once we get the rpm packages. Basically: rpm -Uvh gpfs.base-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.ext-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.gpl-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm gpfs.gskit-8.0.50-86.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.license.std-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.msg.en_US-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm And after that the compiled binary … Continue reading

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I’m not doing heavy processing but I’m surrounded by people doing it. They have terabytes and terabytes of data that they analyze with somehow black-box tools that you can tune with multiple parameters. Then you represent the results with different … Continue reading

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Heavy Ion Collisions – a paper bundle approach

I feel nostalgic. It must be the 10 year challenge thing. Anyway, one needs to take care of his digital registers from time to time, and now is a moment as good as another. Here we have the papers that, … Continue reading

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An OSX remote desktop from CentOS 7

CentOS 7 is very good, but I need to have some OSX features on it (like iCloud). I have an OSX desktop that I will call mymac in the same network, so I decided to check what features of it … Continue reading

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Apple configurator deployment error: iPad Stuck on the Apple logo

We are going digital and I need to implement a smooth way to deploy iPads. This is done with the Apple Configurator. I’m not going to explain now how to use it (it’s a very complicated tool) but comment on … Continue reading

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A Wiki install on CentOS 7

We need a website that can be used to shared information. This is usually called a wiki. I was tempted to install a wiki on a container (see for example the  xwiki docker) but I went for the real thing … Continue reading

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