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SEO and big data over (my) WP data

Stats, oh stats. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you hate them. WordPress (WP) offers already lot of numbers you may want to crunch in a different way. The truth may disappoint you, or it can be completely inconclusive, but the … Continue reading

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OSX ipython UnknownBackend %matplotlib unable to use

I’m continuing with my data science experiments. If you are also following some text instead of learning it by use, you may have encountered that you are unable to use matplotlib as suggested on the text.  The line %matplotlib inline … Continue reading

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Install Python 3 on OSX for data science

While I edit as a book The Water Wedding I keep working, of course. This is also my log. I’m following this instructions to build up a proper environment on my mac to test some data science tools. First, I open a terminal … Continue reading

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A python script to take screenshots on Windows

We want to know what one of our Windows servers is doing without using remote desktop. The idea is to have a snippet running on the background that takes a screenshot each certain (fixed) time and saves it on a … Continue reading

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Install pyEM on CentOS 7

After a week of silence, I’m back on track. I managed to integrate pyEM onto our systems, and this is my log about. We want it to export cryoSPARC data to relion. Since we don’t start from scratch, my first … Continue reading

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Topaz install on CentOS 7

Yes I’m back to work. I should have logged it more, but I was busy with so many issues that the only thing I wanted to write was fiction. Anyway. Today we are going to install Topaz over our already … Continue reading

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Creating a CentOS 7 systemctl service

I don’t know why I’m doing this. Really. But I may want to do it again in the future. Yes, sometimes I read myself and I’m ashamed. Today I’ve learned all by myself how to create a system task. You … Continue reading

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