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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part I: docker and database server install

Previously we we made a leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7. Now the LXC containers are somehow more robust than a docker, but less popular and versatile. Therefore the need to make a docker instead. I start by cloning … Continue reading

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ImportError: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18′ not found on CentOS 7

I don’t have a solution for this one, but I managed to go ahead with different settings. I got this package from a colleague that is supposed to be of general interest. It does come with a binary inside, and … Continue reading

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A docker fauria mailman list manager on CentOS 7

We want to have a web interface to an email list. The email list manager will have the power to edit the list, add people, remove people, or invite people massively. All these functions are available on this fauria mailman … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI kivy touchscreen clock

I got a lot of Raspberry PI from display calendars, with touchscreen. Since they are not going to be used anymore (in principle) I want to recycle them somehow. The idea is to have a small screen that will give … Continue reading

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A relion 2.1.stable module for CentOS 7

There is a new relion to add to the collection. You can find the installation details here. I will tell you my experience doing as suggested. First thing that it calls my attention on the github instructions is that they … Continue reading

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Python/WXpython Hello World

Welcome back to the fantastic world of computing. Today we’re going to learn the difference between  python and wxpython. First we need to be sure we have “some” python in our system. For that we need a shell (the black … Continue reading

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A leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7

Continuing with our cooking recipes, I’m going to install leginon on a CentOS 6 container running on CentOS 7. We start creating a CentOS 6 container: lxc-create -n centos6 -t download — -d centos -r 6 -a i386 lxc-start -n … Continue reading

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