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Windows batch script tips

I’m again on fire. I want to automatize data transfers on Windows. For that, I need to write a script. Instead of going for python, this time I will try with a Windows batch script. This is just a list … Continue reading

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I’m not doing heavy processing but I’m surrounded by people doing it. They have terabytes and terabytes of data that they analyze with somehow black-box tools that you can tune with multiple parameters. Then you represent the results with different … Continue reading

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Windows robocopy configuration

I’m kind of puzzled about how different Linux rsync and Windows robocopy are. Maybe if you are a Windows user you are familiar with them, but I’m not. On StackOverflow there is a list of options to apply to robocopy, … Continue reading

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macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products. One important issue is always how to write files on an NTFS drive. You can read them but … Continue reading

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C++ time operations

It’s not that I’m programming now, but I’m somehow reviewing old techniques that I don’t use since my PhD. You can play with them. To create a delay of 20 seconds: // time delay #include <time.h>     time_t    … Continue reading

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C++ data acquisition

These are snippets that I created some time ago, and since they are small, they don’t have their own space. To store on data.txt //store datach0 in a file #include <iostream> #include <fstream> ofstream *fout = new ofstream(“data.txt”,ios::app); fout->precision(14); *fout<<“datach0: … Continue reading

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Add a puppet node to a foreman docker

There should be no difference between adding a node on a foreman server and on a foreman docker. But the world is not ideal, and things don’t work out of the box, therefore, here’s my HOWTO. The original source is … Continue reading

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