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Windows robocopy configuration

I’m kind of puzzled about how different Linux rsync and Windows robocopy are. Maybe if you are a Windows user you are familiar with them, but I’m not. On StackOverflow there is a list of options to apply to robocopy, … Continue reading

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macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products. One important issue is always how to write files on an NTFS drive. You can read them but … Continue reading

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C++ time operations

It’s not that I’m programming now, but I’m somehow reviewing old techniques that I don’t use since my PhD. You can play with them. To create a delay of 20 seconds: // time delay #include <time.h>     time_t    … Continue reading

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C++ data acquisition

These are snippets that I created some time ago, and since they are small, they don’t have their own space. To store on data.txt //store datach0 in a file #include <iostream> #include <fstream> ofstream *fout = new ofstream(“data.txt”,ios::app); fout->precision(14); *fout<<“datach0: … Continue reading

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Add a puppet node to a foreman docker

There should be no difference between adding a node on a foreman server and on a foreman docker. But the world is not ideal, and things don’t work out of the box, therefore, here’s my HOWTO. The original source is … Continue reading

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A docker cobbler server on CentOS 7

Yes I know, I’m a little bit dense on the last days about the docker thing. But what can I say: this blog is also my notebook/slash/lab book and I want to write here about how I did this or … Continue reading

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A docker munin server on CentOS 7

The plan is to get rid of the old pizza box servers (around 20 Kg, 1U flat, with two power supplies) that are used, at this moment, only for services, like to run munin. I will build a munin docker … Continue reading

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