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A docker cobbler server on CentOS 7

Yes I know, I’m a little bit dense on the last days about the docker thing. But what can I say: this blog is also my notebook/slash/lab book and I want to write here about how I did this or … Continue reading

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A docker leginon on OSX

As a proof of concept, I installed a leginon docker on my MacBook Pro. The docker installation on a mac is kind of cute (see pic above). Once installed, I copy my Docker folder from my docker server to my mac … Continue reading

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OSX su versus sudo

I had this weird problem. I need to run some commands with sudo. But I have a root password, why should I sudo something? The answer is simple: the SU password is not the same than the sudo one. So, … Continue reading

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Sharemouse, a Keyboard Video Mouse sharing solution for Windows and macOS

I have now 3 computers, real ones. And 4 monitors. But OK, let’s say I need them. What I don’t need is to have 3 keyboards and 3 mice. So I looked for a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) to make my life … Continue reading

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rsync failed to set permissions on : Function not implemented (38)

I’m cleaning up. As a lamer SysAdmin that I am, I have several HDs floating around, each one with a different backup of my systems. I decided to clean up this mess, now that they sell 4 TB portable hard … Continue reading

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OSX change all computer names

There are several exploits appearing recently on the macs. For example the root hole on OSX High Sierra. To change once for all your new laptop name “MyName-macbookpro”, we need to type 3 simple commands in a row: scutil –set ComputerName … Continue reading

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