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Handling files with python

You know now how to write a multi-platform GUI with Tkinter. I don’t know what your GUI is doing, but it’s good to know a few things about how to log them. For that and for other purposes, we need … Continue reading

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LDAP and sshtunnel : remote user identification techniques with python

I need to check the identity of one active directory (AD) user on a computer that is not a member of the AD. If you don’t understand what I’m speaking about, I envy you 😀 I was working with python … Continue reading

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ssh login ignoring bashrc

A small post for a small problem. I was editing my bash profile when I closed all my ssh windows to the remote machine I was working on, just to find out due to my (incomplete) modification I was not … Continue reading

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OSX samba file list taking long time

I have a hard disk called BKUP connected to my Fritz Box at home. I was tired of transferring files to my hard disk via dropbox/owncloud or similar, so I upgraded my 5-year-old wifi antenna. It was cheaper than buying a … Continue reading

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OSX : Can’t Exit Full Screen Mode in X11

Back to working topics. To start a remote GUI from a mac (ssh) you need an X11 client. You can download the official XOrg client here. I have plenty of experience with this client, since most of my people access to … Continue reading

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Deployment Management Tools

I’m trying to grasp PXE booting from the professional point of view. Not that I need it: I can afford the luxury of installing a client by hand. But after having use cobbler and foreman, I feel like I need … Continue reading

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A docker cobbler server on CentOS 7

Yes I know, I’m a little bit dense on the last days about the docker thing. But what can I say: this blog is also my notebook/slash/lab book and I want to write here about how I did this or … Continue reading

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