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A docker macvlan on CentOS 7

I want to dockerize my services (not only leginon) so I need to find out an effective way to integrate them onto our intranet. That is proven to be a little bit complex, since I have partial control of our … Continue reading

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Python test we can connect to MySQL db

Probably you have mysql for some reason. You may have some form of it because of Leginon or you simply have phpMyAdmin because you need it for something else. If you don’t have it, probably you will anytime soon, since database … Continue reading

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A leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7

Continuing with our cooking recipes, I’m going to install leginon on a CentOS 6 container running on CentOS 7. We start creating a CentOS 6 container: lxc-create -n centos6 -t download — -d centos -r 6 -a i386 lxc-start -n … Continue reading

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mariadb service not starting on Fedora 22

Today I was trying to install natika on my apache server. My server is a Fedora 22 machine. I know, it’s an old system, but if it works, why to change it? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. I know … Continue reading

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Leginon installation routine

To cover it all, I think I miss to speak about Leginon. Leginon is a system designed for automated collection of images from a transmission electron microscope. Yes, I quote. Now the truth. It’s ideal to collect automatically images from a microscope, … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin upload and fix old database

Yes, because you wanted it, two posts in a day about computing. Previously I told you the tale of the phpMyAdmin server on CentOS 7. Now I will upload the database from the old CentOS 6 into the new CentOS … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7

This is the story of an installation. I try, I fail, I fix it. I tell the story of this adventure. So let’s start by yum it ## > yum install phpMyAdmin then it’s configuring time. I will skip that … Continue reading

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