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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part II:

On the previous post, we prepared a basic LAMP docker to hold a leginon installation.  I assume now you downloaded the installer for CentOS 7 and copied it to the docker via ssh or shared folder. We can simply run … Continue reading

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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part I: docker and database server install

Previously we we made a leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7. Now the LXC containers are somehow more robust than a docker, but less popular and versatile. Therefore the need to make a docker instead. I start by cloning … Continue reading

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Virtual Machines on CentOS 7

I’m getting more and more frustrated with lxc containers and dockers so I decided to have a look to the past. Instead of making a docker for my web tools and supercharge its services, I will try to create a … Continue reading

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[WARNING] Service returned no data for label gpu use error on munin node

If you have several Linux clients and no way to monitoring what’s going on munin is your friend. I have a couple of non-standard munin plugins that I’ve been scraping around so I was feeling brave enough to write a … Continue reading

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A docker fauria mailman list manager on CentOS 7

We want to have a web interface to an email list. The email list manager will have the power to edit the list, add people, remove people, or invite people massively. All these functions are available on this fauria mailman … Continue reading

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Mount error “no such file or directory” while exporting on CentOS 7

I assume this error is not exclusive of CentOS7 but it’s a general NFS error. I have a CentOS 7 server that I call server, and there, a folder called /folder that I want to make available on the client … Continue reading

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CONFIG_RETPOLINE=y error on CentOS 7

We need to update our systems. We don’t do it regularly, but when requested by the authority, and this time they requested it due to Specter & Meltdown. So there I am trying to get my rpm for the newest … Continue reading

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