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Enable cockpit on a a new CentOS 7 foreman host

First we install the cockpit plugin in our foreman server cfore: cfore # > foreman-installer –enable-foreman-plugin-cockpit Installing Done [100%] [………………………………] Success! * Foreman is running at Initial credentials are admin / SOME-random-THING * Foreman Proxy is running at reading

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foreman-installer errors: ruby and CMC hardware errors on CentOS7

I do have a foreman docker running. But we can’t play with dockers forever. We need to commit, we need to get serious, we need to get real. I do have something like on the picture above. It’s called a … Continue reading

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PXE booting with cobbler: the Movie

We know how to make a cobbler docker. I had a real one before that I used to PXE boot M630 blades. The installation was still there, so I reset the password on the web interface using htdigest, add a … Continue reading

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What is a “core” file on CentOS 7?

I’m quite ignorant sometimes about Linux system files. The same for the system logs, by the way. I only look at them when there’s a problem. I have hundreds of excuses for that, but I will not tell you about, … Continue reading

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A simple ftp server on CentOS 7

I need an ftp for my foreman installation. I’ve been looking for a container solution to do it but I didn’t find the good one. Let’s go ahead. I will install it on myftp, with IP: Yes, I used … Continue reading

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Add a puppet node to a foreman docker

There should be no difference between adding a node on a foreman server and on a foreman docker. But the world is not ideal, and things don’t work out of the box, therefore, here’s my HOWTO. The original source is … Continue reading

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A docker munin server on CentOS 7

The plan is to get rid of the old pizza box servers (around 20 Kg, 1U flat, with two power supplies) that are used, at this moment, only for services, like to run munin. I will build a munin docker … Continue reading

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