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CONFIG_RETPOLINE=y error on CentOS 7

We need to update our systems. We don’t do it regularly, but when requested by the authority, and this time they requested it due to Specter & Meltdown. So there I am trying to get my rpm for the newest … Continue reading

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Sharemouse, a Keyboard Video Mouse sharing solution for Windows and macOS

I have now 3 computers, real ones. And 4 monitors. But OK, let’s say I need them. What I don’t need is to have 3 keyboards and 3 mice. So I looked for a KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) to make my life … Continue reading

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Dell T3600 boots but no video

I have a few of this Dell T3600 towers (circa 2012) that are fantastic workstations. But as time goes on, they started to fail and I don’t have Dell support anymore. So I’m on my own. We have that machine … Continue reading

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Windows 10 enable ping and AD login

It is done similar to Windows 7. Just to save your time, in my case it didn’t work enabling some of the firewall rules:   Click Advanced Settings on the left. From the left pane of the resulting window, click … Continue reading

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MATLAB on-disk crash

Everything started when I wanted to increase the Java Heap Memory. It’s not related but it is the cause I decided to look onto MATLAB, so I need to refer it. I have 4 node-locked matlab licenses, connected to our … Continue reading

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NIC is receiving, but not transmitting

So I have this Linux computer that was connected upstairs. Everything was fine and running perfectly. Then I switch if off and move it to a new location with brand new ports. On the new location, the Linux computer doesn’t … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI kivy touchscreen clock

I got a lot of Raspberry PI from display calendars, with touchscreen. Since they are not going to be used anymore (in principle) I want to recycle them somehow. The idea is to have a small screen that will give … Continue reading

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