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Windows XP ignoring the hosts file

A little bit of context is needed. We have a subnet with 3 computers that need to connect to each other. It’s a Windows XP, a Windows 7 and a Centos 6. We can’t get rid of the OS, since … Continue reading

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A docker Hello World on Cent OS 7

Previously I gave you my recipe for containers on Cent OS 7. Now we are going to enable dockers and play a little with them. I’m following a version of this guide to dockers on Cent OS 7. Actually it’s … Continue reading

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A leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7

Continuing with our cooking recipes, I’m going to install leginon on a CentOS 6 container running on CentOS 7. We start creating a CentOS 6 container: lxc-create -n centos6 -t download — -d centos -r 6 -a i386 lxc-start -n … Continue reading

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LXC : containers on CentOS 7 (III)

This is my container cooking recipe so far. I will call the host where the containers run ‘local‘. On ‘local‘, the initial configuration is: ### install the initial packages yum -y install lxc lxc-templates libcap-devel \ libcgroup busybox wget bridge-utils … Continue reading

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Fixing a broken RAID 50

I had that RAID 50 composed of 18 disk, each one of 6 TB, connected to my DELL server. One day particularly stressful for it, one of the disks of the RAID system decided to die. If you are an … Continue reading

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I found a virus on one of my people’s windows laptop. Its name is HiBrowLnk. I don’t know if you ever fought a virus, but you’re never sure unless you format your machine clean. Unfortunately, I can’t do that now, … Continue reading

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The test

“Can I sit here?” He was already nervous. That is common, but not a good sign. I nod, he takes the chair, and I put in front of him my working tools. We have the white table between us. He … Continue reading

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