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Code 43 Error: Windows has stopped this device

Ay ay ay Windows! It is so nice but so picky… sometimes it doesn’t let you work with devices that were not with it from the very installation time. I found this Code 43 Error when I decided to add … Continue reading

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Dell P620 noisy running W.10

Just notes. I installed W.10 on a P620 from 2013 with 3 GPUs, just to find out the fans were making an unbearable noise under no load, that is, with an indle server. It looks like we could change the fanspeed … Continue reading

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Slurm 18.08 database usage

Previously I told you about the problems you may have configuring the mariadb for the slurm daemon. Now I’m going to close this chapter by a little cheatsheet on accounting based on the sreport documentation and  the sacctmgr documentation. I … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 management notes

You know how to install CryoSPARC 2 on CentOS 7. There are some simple commands that I keep repeating, and some complicated ones that I need to run from time to time. I keep adding and deleting nodes. To add … Continue reading

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Android Oreo tested on a Dell netbook with Atom Z520

I found my old Dell Inspiron mini PC on a drawer. Since my motto is “don’t throw it if it’s not completely broken” I decided to play with it before discarding it. Imagine it: it’s 2009, and there are new … Continue reading

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Slurm 18.08 with QOS mariadb problems on CentOS 7

I already told you how to install Slurm on CentOS 7 so I’m not going to repeat it for a  modern slurm package. I’m going to comment on the new issues I had using the procedure. Problem one: making rpms. … Continue reading

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Setting up AI.cnf

Ummm…let’s see…interactivity: yes. Of course I want interactivity. Yeah I understand some people don’t really want to interact, but I enjoy a good conversation. Empathy: no. I never liked the typical guy or girl who’s in your face as soon … Continue reading

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