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CryoSPARC 2 update on CentOS 7

We have installed previously CryoSPARC 2, but since I’m kind of conservative about, I didn’t update it until I had a feature request from an user. The update is in principle quite easy. You just run cryosparcm update on the … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 install on CentOS 7

There’s a new CryoSPARC available. We had a previous installation, but it can not be updated to this version. You need to ask for a new license. This is a boring post about how it is installed, plus the installation … Continue reading

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[WARNING] Service returned no data for label gpu use error on munin node

If you have several Linux clients and no way to monitoring what’s going on munin is your friend. I have a couple of non-standard munin plugins that I’ve been scraping around so I was feeling brave enough to write a … Continue reading

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Dell T3600 boots but no video

I have a few of this Dell T3600 towers (circa 2012) that are fantastic workstations. But as time goes on, they started to fail and I don’t have Dell support anymore. So I’m on my own. We have that machine … Continue reading

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A relion 2.1.stable module for CentOS 7

There is a new relion to add to the collection. You can find the installation details here. I will tell you my experience doing as suggested. First thing that it calls my attention on the github instructions is that they … Continue reading

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A cisTEM module on CentOS 7

cisTEM is user-friendly software to process cryo-EM images of macromolecular complexes and obtain high-resolution 3D reconstructions from them. And you will find it here. I will not discuss about why you want to have it on your system instead of … Continue reading

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LXC : containers on CentOS 7 (III)

This is my container cooking recipe so far. I will call the host where the containers run ‘local‘. On ‘local‘, the initial configuration is: ### install the initial packages yum -y install lxc lxc-templates libcap-devel \ libcgroup busybox wget bridge-utils … Continue reading

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