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The foebook

– So I was invited to this thing…the foebook…do you have it? – I can’t tell you, sorry. – But you can speak about it, right? – Yes, I could. You can indeed speak about it. – I think I … Continue reading

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ipFire install

NOTE: this project was not used at the end, and information here is written only as a reference. We need to have control over a specific set of computers. Basically, what we need is control over a subnet that, despite … Continue reading

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Basic Hellos

I’m going to start from tomorrow on a serie of posts about how to start programming on a selection of the most popular languages. My very ambitious aim is to demonstrate that, once you know the grammar, all the languages … Continue reading

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A bar talk

“They removed my immortality glands!” I nod. The guy closed to me started to speak like half an hour after staring at my beer in a discrete way. In the meantime, he ordered and drunk two pints of Guinness without … Continue reading

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A short one

I was wondering where are the limits. Can I write down a short story able to become an anthem, a legend carved in your brain? Something that fits for a tweet, but also for a Nobel Prize in Literature. Probably … Continue reading

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100 Billion days & 100 Billion nights

“Orionae?” The cyborg philosopher tilted his head, frowning, then began hesitantly.  “A long time ago,  I heard of a civilization that believed in an evil supreme being who existed in opposition to their good god. I have visited the village … Continue reading

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