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Dell P620 noisy running W.10

Just notes. I installed W.10 on a P620 from 2013 with 3 GPUs, just to find out the fans were making an unbearable noise under no load, that is, with an indle server. It looks like we could change the fanspeed … Continue reading

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That is not dead which can eternal lie.  And with strange aeons even death may die. In other words, I’m still here (Quote from the Necronomicon).  And I didn’t move to Italy or something. I’m just really pissed off with … Continue reading

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A ddrescue on CentOS 7

Sorry no literature yet. I do not find time to write down my dreams, but they are there. I’ve been having headaches trying to recover a dying Windows 7 system with vital hardware running on it. Since I am a … Continue reading

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– 09.2050. – Are you sure? – Yes. No doubt. – That’s tomorrow! What are you going to do? – I don’t know…I don’t have money for a new one at this moment. I suppose that I need to keep … Continue reading

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Snow, Winter, Ice

I remember the first time I saw ice on the streets. It was, of course, winter. On the radio they told us that it was going to be specially cold that week. 10 degrees lower than usual, they said. Possibility … Continue reading

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Small talk 2050

– Hi, how are you? – I could be better. And you? I don’t meet you in person since… – Yes, since my defense. When I reached level 13. – Right. Level 13. What level are you now? 23? I … Continue reading

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Coinreruf (III)

When I come back to the village, to the place Rokugan told me she lives, she is not there. It took me half a day to convince the native that our art couldn’t be learn in a week, not to … Continue reading

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