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PXE booting with cobbler: the Movie

We know how to make a cobbler docker. I had a real one before that I used to PXE boot M630 blades. The installation was still there, so I reset the password on the web interface using htdigest, add a … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin migrate database

I’m making dockers for all my web applications. And most of my web applications are hooked up with databases. And where you have a database, you have phpMyAdmin. Anyway. I have this computer A with a very extensive database that … Continue reading

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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part II:

On the previous post, we prepared a basic LAMP docker to hold a leginon installation.  I assume now you downloaded the installer for CentOS 7 and copied it to the docker via ssh or shared folder. We can simply run … Continue reading

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CONFIG_RETPOLINE=y error on CentOS 7

We need to update our systems. We don’t do it regularly, but when requested by the authority, and this time they requested it due to Specter & Meltdown. So there I am trying to get my rpm for the newest … Continue reading

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Add a CentOS 7 node to a GPFS cluster

We want to have all the clients of our storage added as native GPFS clients. I showed before some problems that I experienced with an already joined GPFS client. Everybody’s lazy, so I will suppose you already compiled the GPFS … Continue reading

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Check there’s a new file in bash

WARNING: we have incoming data! The challenge is to find out with a script, first, if there is a new file on our data folder, then, its name. The script will run each 10 seconds, for example, and will produce … Continue reading

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File systems supported by different OSs

I just found these tables that I think you should have always at hand, if you want to share successfully your files. This, of course, in case you don’t have your NAS, FTP, or OwnCloud service already available. Maybe I … Continue reading

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