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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part II:

On the previous post, we prepared a basic LAMP docker to hold a leginon installation.¬† I assume now you downloaded the installer for CentOS 7 and copied it to the docker via ssh or shared folder. We can simply run … Continue reading

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A leginon docker on CentOS 7 Part I: docker and database server install

Previously we we made a leginon CentOS 6 container on CentOS 7. Now the LXC containers are somehow more robust than a docker, but less popular and versatile. Therefore the need to make a docker instead. I start by cloning … Continue reading

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ImportError: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18′ not found on CentOS 7

I don’t have a solution for this one, but I managed to go ahead with different settings. I got this package from a colleague that is supposed to be of general interest. It does come with a binary inside, and … Continue reading

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/usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20′ not found CentOS 7

The GLIBCXX error is a recurrent one. It happens usually when I try to use new code¬†just compiled on an old system. The old system is my CentOS 7. I got it prevously, for example installing relion 2.1. But I … Continue reading

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A relion 2.1.stable module for CentOS 7

There is a new relion to add to the collection. You can find the installation details here. I will tell you my experience doing as suggested. First thing that it calls my attention on the github instructions is that they … Continue reading

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Windows XP ignoring the hosts file

A little bit of context is needed. We have a subnet with 3 computers that need to connect to each other. It’s a Windows XP, a Windows 7 and a Centos 6. We can’t get rid of the OS, since … Continue reading

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ipFire install

NOTE: this project was not used at the end, and information here is written only as a reference. We need to have control over a specific set of computers. Basically, what we need is control over a subnet that, despite … Continue reading

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