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Reorder the network connections on Windows 10

As a part of the leginon installation we may need to reorder the network connections, so that one of them is seen always as the first one. The reordering described on the picture and link above seems to work just … Continue reading

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Install and use bbcp on CentOS 7

It is very annoying to move or copy data around, from storage A to storage B, and back sometimes. Specially if it’s like, a few terabytes of data. The default tools under linux are usually command-line, and will depend on … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 [Errno 111] Connection refused [Errno 98] Address already in use

We’ve installed CryoSPARC, we’ve updated it and now that I have an avalanche of users, it starts to create problems. The symptoms are that the user can’t log in, or that the web display is not visible. I try obviosuly … Continue reading

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GPU performance – an overview

Since Christmas is coming, it’s time to think about what to upgrade and why. We want maybe to get better GPUs, but better for what? For me it is not clear yet the usage the people give to them. It … Continue reading

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A little bit of Physics

Before being onto EM business I was quite involved on Heavy Ion Physics (HIP). I have worked at CERN, and you can do the same applying for a job here. Or you can browse some raw videos from the LHCb here. I … Continue reading

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Scipion 1.2 cannot find -lmpi_cxx on CentOS 7

I did install previously a Scipion 1.1 module on CentOS 7 that was linking scipion all the existing programs, including xmipp. Now I want to install the newest version with the default programs, instead of linking it to the existing … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 update on CentOS 7

We have installed previously CryoSPARC 2, but since I’m kind of conservative about, I didn’t update it until I had a feature request from an user. The update is in principle quite easy. You just run cryosparcm update on the … Continue reading

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