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Going down

The problem with this part of the city is the slopes. You need to be familiar with them or you will always end up going up instead of down, or down instead of up. And it very annoying, of course, … Continue reading

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OSX su versus sudo

I had this weird problem. I need to run some commands with sudo. But I have a root password, why should I sudo something? The answer is simple: the SU password is not the same than the sudo one. So, … Continue reading

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CONFIG_RETPOLINE=y error on CentOS 7

We need to update our systems. We don’t do it regularly, but when requested by the authority, and this time they requested it due to Specter & Meltdown. So there I am trying to get my rpm for the newest … Continue reading

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A MATLAB Runtime module

First we download the chosen package from the MATLAB site. Then we unzip it on a test folder and run the provided install script. The procedure is quite easy, no programming knowledge is needed. We choose the path to our … Continue reading

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Speed test with iperf on CentOS 7

We’re now having more than one GPFS client hooked up to a 10 GB line. The fact we have a 10 GB network available is not, unfortunately, meaning that we can have that speed, so we need some tool to … Continue reading

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Dell T3600 boots but no video

I have a few of this Dell T3600 towers (circa 2012) that are fantastic workstations. But as time goes on, they started to fail and I don’t have Dell support anymore. So I’m on my own. We have that machine … Continue reading

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/usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20′ not found CentOS 7

The GLIBCXX error is a recurrent one. It happens usually when I try to use new code┬ájust compiled on an old system. The old system is my CentOS 7. I got it prevously, for example installing relion 2.1. But I … Continue reading

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