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Code 43 Error: Windows has stopped this device

Ay ay ay Windows! It is so nice but so picky… sometimes it doesn’t let you work with devices that were not with it from the very installation time. I found this Code 43 Error when I decided to add … Continue reading

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CryoSPARC 2 management notes

You know how to install CryoSPARC 2 on CentOS 7. There are some simple commands that I keep repeating, and some complicated ones that I need to run from time to time. I keep adding and deleting nodes. To add … Continue reading

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Android Oreo tested on a Dell netbook with Atom Z520

I found my old Dell Inspiron mini PC on a drawer. Since my motto is “don’t throw it if it’s not completely broken” I decided to play with it before discarding it. Imagine it: it’s 2009, and there are new … Continue reading

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The best place

– I have been in many places around the world, but this one is really nice! We were waiting in front of the standing desk of the maître to have our table assigned. I didn’t know where to go with … Continue reading

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GPFS error [E] Pagepool has size … instead of the requested … on CentOS 7

We just updated our GPFS systems for the new kernel. The installation was smooth once we get the rpm packages. Basically: rpm -Uvh gpfs.base-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.ext-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.gpl-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm gpfs.gskit-8.0.50-86.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.license.std-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.msg.en_US-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm And after that the compiled binary … Continue reading

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Giving root power to a CentOS 7 user

This is an old one. I was explicitly avoiding to pass through this hole, but the time has come. There is the need to run a script that will copy data owned by ROOT from storage A to storage B.  … Continue reading

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Install Python 3 on OSX for data science

While I edit as a book The Water Wedding I keep working, of course. This is also my log. I’m following this instructions to build up a proper environment on my mac to test some data science tools. First, I open a terminal … Continue reading

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