The Thanos premise

I need to start that I didn’t watch the Marvel “MCU” movies, so I don’t know what this Thanos character does on them. I do know the comics, and I confess I’ve read them. Probably due to the latest news – we managed to reach 8 billion whatsoever humans – and my regular reading of No Tomorrow recently I’ve been unable to remove from my mind one of the plots from the Thanos saga. What if, suddenly, the half of the population of the Earth simply disappears? I will call that from now on my Thanos premise.

In my Thanos premise we end up with half of the population but we don’t know why. Maybe even we don’t know where, or who. What would be the consequences for me as a survivor? In a, so called, realistic model, the disappearance is not due to a cosmic event, but a lateral effect from, let’s say, a pandemic. I’m not going to explore the causes, let’s say it just happened. So one day we are all alive and the next one, not necessarily in the same week, all the population is halved. We all know statistics good enough to say that I didn’t eat my corresponding half chicken today. By this principle I will not enter onto sad scenarios with people from my family dead… because we are those one with access to the chicken, so to say, and we can pay it.

I guess we will go on. Maybe trains will be emptier – I travel by public transport to my working place. Or they will reduce the frequency of them to the half – the gov is always practical. There will be less traffic jams. The economy will suffer a little, but salaries will not change. First weeks there will be a surplus of basics, like bread or sausages, and a lack of exotics, like peanut butter. Walking through a city will be very sad. We’ll see daily protests against the government. And other people crying for their losses, and militias trying to balance the new equilibrium. Because the Police and the Army will be, in principle, halved too, and some people can’t be quickly replaced. But the world will keep rotating. We will plan our holidays, accept the new ticket prices, and fly there. Wherever it is. There will be less planes, maybe. Or less frequent. But not emptier. Because we are resilient, and, if you don’t want to see the pain around, if you don’t want to acknowledge the symptoms, you will not need to. The sky will not fall over your head, food will come to your plate, and your salary will still be the same. I think. What do you think about it?


1 thought on “The Thanos premise

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning (and for reading) No Tomorrow!

    Your Thanos premise is quite interesting (I know nothing about Thanos or even the Marvel universe, but it’s an interesting idea. With my luck, I’d be part of the half that just disappears, otherwise I think it might be quite nice, though probably a bit sad, to walk around in a world with 4 billion people. Then again, I live in a crowded city with far too much traffic, so I daydream sometimes about the early pandemic days when no one was out on the roads and sidewalks. Surprisingly peaceful, until my neighbors decided to be annoyingly loud, haha.


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