Write and write and write

I was writing yesterday that in order to keep my mind sharp I wanted to release a couple of pages per day. The problem is about what to write. Once I got one of these dice games (story cubes) where you roll a dice to choose a subject, a person, and an object, just to tell a story around them. I played no more than five times with my kids, because, even having a string to connect them, it’s not easy to speak about something unless you have the right vocabulary, the right mood, and a good plot. And who’s brave enough to say he or she has a good plot? Every amateur when starting thinks he or she has the best ideas. That was also my case, until someone studying classics (Greek, Sumerian, and similar) told me after I first published a couple of tales in paper that the available number of plots was already calculated in ancient Rome, it is fixed, and its number is 52. OK, maybe it was not 52, but something like that. Who cares. I got the message. Originality may be overrated. We can do the math with the very story cubes that I’m mentioning above. 6 characters, by 6 objects, by 6 places. Barely two hundred. That if we don’t discard the bad rolls, so to say. Is everything already written also? Maybe, but is it written the best way possible, in any existing language? Definitely not. Like they say, you never appreciate Shakespeare until you read it in the original Klingon. And let that sentence be my piece of wisdom for the day 😉. Think about it.

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