DELL chassis management controller website not functioning

And it’s OK. It’s a 7 years-old CMC and it was not taken care of as it deserved. Computers are like people, if you don’t care about their issues, they end up not speaking to you. If you want a computer to speak again to you, sometimes it’s enough to do a factory reset, or a reinstall of the OS (don’t try to do that with a person). There’s a thread on DELL support that is very much explaining you how to reset a CMC. Let’s do an ssh to it and see what we get.

ssh's password:
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0

Welcome to PowerEdge M1000e CMC firmware version 6.21

$ racadm getversion
<Server> <iDRAC Version> <Blade Type> <Gen> <Updatable>
server-1 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-2 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-3 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-4 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-5 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-6 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-7 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-8 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-9 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-10 (02) PowerEdge M630 iDRAC8 Y
server-11 3.65 (Build 6) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y
server-12 3.65 (Build 6) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y
server-13 3.85 (Build 3) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y
server-14 3.85 (Build 3) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y
server-15 3.85 (Build 3) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y
server-16 3.85 (Build 3) PowerEdgeM610 iDRAC6 Y

<Switch> <Model Name> <HW Version> <FW Version>
switch-1 M8024-k 10GbE SW A06
switch-5 M4001F FDR IB Switch A01 N/A

Yeah, that’s all we got. We can reset each management system independently, but we want to go for a full reset of the chassis itself. For that we do

$ racadm racresetcfg
The configuration has initiated restoration to factory defaults.
CMC reset operation initiated successfully.
It may take up to a minute
for the CMC to come back online again.

and wait around 10 minutes. After that, the CMC and the web come back to life, but with

Name and password are root and calvin, IP address is

Info taken from the manual. To correct and set up a new IP for the CMC I go to the machine itself and use the LCD display. BTW here you have a list of racadm commands. Because you never know when you need them.

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