Watabou, a Medieval Fantasy City generator

MiddfenbyWe previously mentioned Azgaar, a Fantasy Map Generator. But what’s a fantasy world without cities? Just geography. The city above was generated by the Watabou Medieval Fantasy City generator. Each time you refresh your browser, you will get a nice-looking map of a realistic, already named city. If I need to complain about something, it’s that it doesn’t come with street names, neigborhoods, tripadvisor reccomendations and so on. But it will work fantastically well if what you want is to help your imagination to fly away to your newly created fantasy world. Hell, you can even more or less visit it using the toytown plug-in (read the instructions on the webpage to know more).

Although I may feel guilty using it, since I’m able to generate my own city maps, I need to recognise it’s a great tool. Specially if you don’t have a starting point. Definitely, they are winning the battle. You know what I mean 😦

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