A PhD in dragonology : planning (II)

I was before in the Library. It’s an old friend, so to say. Inside the toilet, I mean, after crossing the lady’s room door connecting with it, I’m back on my student’s days. Not that was so long ago, anyway.

When I arrived to the University, I found myself on a cultural shock. Due to being an elven princess and so on, I didn’t have what most of the other students called “common sense” neither I knew about the “common ways”. I didn’t know people need to do a mountain of paperwork just to assure their academic records are treated in a standard way. I didn’t know one needs to sign for classes. Or to attend to classes, by the way.

Because of these holes in my formation and because I didn’t have anyone else to ask help for, I was somehow directed to look for the Library. I searched for it for days, without luck. One day, when I was about to give up, I opened the door of a closet looking for a coat, and to my surprise, it was there. I was invited to enter! I spent in as much time as I could, leaving it just to replenish my food and water stock and back to the benches, to study the subtleties of human society. How they eat, how they love, how to fill up paperwork.

First thing you notice after stepping inside the Library is the smell. You may know the smell on earth after a lighting strike. Or the smell of a fresh egg just boiled. Or the one spelled by old grimoires, a mixture of humidity and fungus. In other words, the Library stinks to Magic. Nothing disgusting, of course, just interesting. Second thing you notice is the light, coming out from every little crack on the room. A soft, slow, and uniform bright that is enough to let you read but not enough to make you eyes tired of. And if you open your mouth in front of a light source, and then close it, it has a sort of taste, to a very watery peach and cream, to the point I have a trauma about that dessert. But I guess it’s kind of convenient to be able get nourishment as the plants do.

If you wander around the sections, and of course you do, you will end up on the same point of origin, it doesn’t matter which direction you take. You will end up where you started, as if the Library, in its kindness, doesn’t let you leave your present studies. The sensation is that you are walking on the inside of a ballon, a sphere, covered by rows and rows of books, that tend to appear around you as soon as you need them. For me the best is that, as soon as you think you are done with a topic, the related ones seem to appear close to you. Once I did the experiment of emptying my mind while walking, so that the Library will not know where to direct me. I ended up outside it, and it took me a couple of days to find again an entry.

So everything inside the Library revolt about your thirst for knowledge. And if you don’t really know where to start your research, a Librarian will come to you. Librarians are all similar, or at least, I didn’t manage to distinguish one from another. There are more than one, since I saw two at the same time, but I don’t know how many of them they are. Maybe they are brothers, maybe they are mirror images, avatars of the concept of the Search for the Unknown.

I feel warm inside, the Library may be welcoming my return. I look around for a Librarian, but I see none. I know what we want, but maybe later I can try to call one. Speaking of which, maybe I should tell Bob and Ledric how this works, they both just stand  like 50 meters away,  looking to the sky, where shelves and shelves of books seem to be hanging out amongst clouds.

2 thoughts on “A PhD in dragonology : planning (II)

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