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Android Oreo tested on a Dell netbook with Atom Z520

I found my old Dell Inspiron mini PC on a drawer. Since my motto is “don’t throw it if it’s not completely broken” I decided to play with it before discarding it. Imagine it: it’s 2009, and there are new … Continue reading

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– On your file it says you’re a Martian. Is it true? – Of course it is. Why should I lie about such a thing? – I don’t know. You tell me. – – You tell me, you are the … Continue reading

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Slurm 18.08 with QOS mariadb problems on CentOS 7

I already told you how to install Slurm on CentOS 7 so I’m not going to repeat it for a  modern slurm package. I’m going to comment on the new issues I had using the procedure. Problem one: making rpms. … Continue reading

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Setting up AI.cnf

Ummm…let’s see…interactivity: yes. Of course I want interactivity. Yeah I understand some people don’t really want to interact, but I enjoy a good conversation. Empathy: no. I never liked the typical guy or girl who’s in your face as soon … Continue reading

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GDM not starting on CentOS 7.6

We did a big update, as I mentioned previously, and after the update I found out some of the graphic cards were not anymore supported by the newest NVIDIA drivers for CentOS x64, at this moment  This may make … Continue reading

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The best place

– I have been in many places around the world, but this one is really nice! We were waiting in front of the standing desk of the maître to have our table assigned. I didn’t know where to go with … Continue reading

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GPFS error [E] Pagepool has size … instead of the requested … on CentOS 7

We just updated our GPFS systems for the new kernel. The installation was smooth once we get the rpm packages. Basically: rpm -Uvh gpfs.base-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.ext-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.gpl-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm gpfs.gskit-8.0.50-86.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.license.std-4.2.3-13.x86_64.rpm \ gpfs.msg.en_US-4.2.3-13.noarch.rpm And after that the compiled binary … Continue reading

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