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OSX ipython UnknownBackend %matplotlib unable to use

I’m continuing with my data science experiments. If you are also following some text instead of learning it by use, you may have encountered that you are unable to use matplotlib as suggested on the text.  The line %matplotlib inline … Continue reading

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A ddrescue on CentOS 7

Sorry no literature yet. I do not find time to write down my dreams, but they are there. I’ve been having headaches trying to recover a dying Windows 7 system with vital hardware running on it. Since I am a … Continue reading

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The Standard Model (SM) versus the Generation Model (GM)

As a Particle Physicist, I was always fascinated by the Standard Model. All these quarks, all these quantum numbers, were so beautiful and at the same time so complicated. On the SM we have six leptons: electron (e−), electron neutrino … Continue reading

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Install Python 3 on OSX for data science

While I edit as a book The Water Wedding I keep working, of course. This is also my log. I’m following this instructions to build up a proper environment on my mac to test some data science tools. First, I open a terminal … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome

I heard about it on the movies, I read about it. Positioned in front of my mirror is not the same free spirit that started studying Physics, but a businessman pater familias. This is what I have become, little by … Continue reading

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Windows batch script tips

I’m again on fire. I want to automatize data transfers on Windows. For that, I need to write a script. Instead of going for python, this time I will try with a Windows batch script. This is just a list … Continue reading

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I’m not doing heavy processing but I’m surrounded by people doing it. They have terabytes and terabytes of data that they analyze with somehow black-box tools that you can tune with multiple parameters. Then you represent the results with different … Continue reading

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