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Have I Been Pwned?

There have been 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords leaked recently. This is a big number, and despite I’m not a IT security guy, I’m concerned.  I have a password manager, and I change my passsword quite regularly, because … Continue reading

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Coinreruf (VIII)

(You can refresh your memory reading Coinreruf VII, or you can start from the first one) – Have a seat, my lord. Do you have something for me? – I hand the girl the shell I got from Rokugan. She takes … Continue reading

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– 09.2050. – Are you sure? – Yes. No doubt. – That’s tomorrow! What are you going to do? – I don’t know…I don’t have money for a new one at this moment. I suppose that I need to keep … Continue reading

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Install EMAN2.2 with cmake 3.13 on CentOS 7

I’m not going to bloat the post with personal opinions about how good is the installation method is. Here you get the EMAN2 sources. This is the HOWTO install , and from there I did the compilation with anaconda. As … Continue reading

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Heavy Ion Collisions – a paper bundle approach

I feel nostalgic. It must be the 10 year challenge thing. Anyway, one needs to take care of his digital registers from time to time, and now is a moment as good as another. Here we have the papers that, … Continue reading

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An OSX remote desktop from CentOS 7

CentOS 7 is very good, but I need to have some OSX features on it (like iCloud). I have an OSX desktop that I will call mymac in the same network, so I decided to check what features of it … Continue reading

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Robot Publisher

—BEGIN COMMUNICATION— No, Mr. 635, these fantasies are highly unpublishable material, even as an important technological discovery. I can’t accept them for our media. Where did you get it? Please do not come to me with the lame excuse that you … Continue reading

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