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A little bit of Physics

Before being onto EM business I was quite involved on Heavy Ion Physics (HIP). I have worked at CERN, and you can do the same applying for a job here. Or you can browse some raw videos from the LHCb here. I … Continue reading

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Clean up google history

 is fantastic. But sometimes it gathers much more information than the one you want, specially if you are logged in in some way or another as you are systematically asked to do. There are hundreds of articles about chrome privacy settings, but … Continue reading

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Snow, Winter, Ice

I remember the first time I saw ice on the streets. It was, of course, winter. On the radio they told us that it was going to be specially cold that week. 10 degrees lower than usual, they said. Possibility … Continue reading

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A meeting after the flood

– Yes, I tell you the city is different but the spirit remains. There are the channels now, that’s true, but the tourist pest is gone, together with the government, by the way. And you have great pubs now: they … Continue reading

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AI boss

There it is. Standing over the podium, like if this meeting was not about him. I look around. The other six are as unsettled as I am. He looks normal. I mean, his avatar has no difference with ours, except … Continue reading

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A python script to take screenshots on Windows

We want to know what one of our Windows servers is doing without using remote desktop. The idea is to have a snippet running on the background that takes a screenshot each certain (fixed) time and saves it on a … Continue reading

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Scipion 1.2 cannot find -lmpi_cxx on CentOS 7

I did install previously a Scipion 1.1 module on CentOS 7 that was linking scipion all the existing programs, including xmipp. Now I want to install the newest version with the default programs, instead of linking it to the existing … Continue reading

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