The Liebster Award

Thank you so much thelilycafe for this nomination! Please do check out this lovely lady and give her a follow!

The Rules

  1. Acknowledge the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer the 11 questions thelilycafe asked me about blogging.
  3. 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers.
  5. Ask nominated bloggers 11 questions.

The 11 Questions

1. What book has had the biggest impact on you?

I will say The Time Machine, from H.G.Wells. I had an edition for kids, with drawings of the Time Machine, as well as of the Morlocks, Eloi, and so on. It was scary and fascinating, and it made me asked myself questions about science, political system and nature of mankind that none of my 8-ish-year-old friends were able to answer. I must have gone through the story like 20 times. I hope at one point in the near future I can recover the book form the library of my parents and read it to my kids.

2. What animal would you want to be for a day and why?

Real or Fantastic? If fantastic, I want to be a dragon, like the ones from the Dragonlance, that is, the ones that can take human form. Why, because they are almost immortal, and they are shape-shifters. If real, I think I could enjoy being an octopus, or some other mysterious sea creature. Why, because I want to know what they think of us. I mean, of humans. And I want to know if they really are aliens.

3. What is your favourite kind of music?

I like classics, Sister of Mercy, Nine Inch Nails, Das Ich, Rammstein, and similar. Yes I know. But it moves me, what can I say? Anyway, I’m open to everything, and I don’t really look (or most of the time I don’t) like the typical groupie. That is, dressed in black, or with fancy hair. Long time ago, I cared, but no more.

4. Have you ever had a kitchen disaster? If so, what was it?

Yes I had. It happened not so long ago, the last week, when I was making Gazpacho with my 3 year son. We were done with the blender, when I observed the big blender jar was, somehow, leaking a little on the area in contact with the engine. I decided to investigate it by removing it from the engine: when it was up in the air, the part in the bottom with the blades decided not to continue attached to the rest of the jar. As a result, everything went down and the table, me, my son and almost all the kitchen ended up covered on orange-reddish, dense Gazpacho goo. Like if we just killed some kind of nasty blobby alien. My little one didn’t cry at all, instead, he licked it from his face and arms. Sorry I have no pictures: we ended up entering both, clothes included, into the shower.

5. If you could go anywhere in the universe, on Earth or otherwise, where would you go?

I think I will say the Trappist system here. A collection or moon-sized planets orbiting a star the size of Jupiter. Small and cozy, with plenty of neighbours. You have the lizard boys, the fire guys, and…

6. What is your favourite holiday?

Mmmm…an IT administrator never has holidays 😀 . I’m here since 6 years already, but I didn’t manage to integrate enough to have pleasure on one of these. I will say lately I like Pentecost. On Pentecost, the last two years we went to the castle on a steam train to fight on a medieval tournament. There are jugglers and I’m allowed to dress with my monk clothes. I’m not making this up, you know.

7. Dog or cat? Fish?

Cat. Fish always. I miss some fresh fish from time to time. It’s the problem of living on the edge, I mean, in the middle.

8. Would you rather live on a mountain or in the desert?

Why do I need to choose? But if I need to, I choose desert.

9. What is your favorite kind of dessert?

Tocino de Cielo. It’s not the same but you can make it on a microwave. After that, my second choice will be meringue.

10. What is your favourite kind of post to write?

The ones based on dreams. Or the one-hit-wonders, that you could call them. Something that you are not tired of reading over and over. I think I have only a couple of these ones. But I wrote in another language before choosing English, so I’m fine for the moment.

11. What advice would you give to other bloggers?

I may not be the right person to ask, given my popularity. These advices I read before on some other blogs, but I fully agree. Be persistent, try to write all the days a little. Save drafts for the times of scarcity. Do not publish right after writing, read it before. And keep on writing.

The 11 Random Facts

  1. I don’t like football, but I try to blend in the society, so I read about it.
  2. When I met her, I said to my wife I don’t want to have a girlfriend anymore.
  3. I’ve been living in 5 countries and I will get retirement money from all of them.
  4. I started my PhD without knowing what was it.
  5. Most of my friends are artist: poets, writers, musicians…but I’m a physicist.
  6. I want to move to Mars (the planet) if I have a chance.
  7. I’m a cat person, but I never had one myself. They all came with girls attached.
  8. I think my biggest talent is to know how to order things (in time and space).
  9. My favourite color is blue.
  10. When people ask me how many languages I speak, I always answer the same: what is a language? What is speak? And I think they hate me for that.
  11. I should not, but I believe there’s some sort of energy balance in my life that can be broken by random actions. When that happens, I have a raw of horrible days, but on the other side of the swing my week will be just perfect.

Now it comes the difficult part. The nominations.

11 Questions for my Nominees

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Do you write alone or do you have guest writers? (or ghost writers?)
  3. Do you censor your posts? I mean, do you delete drafts you already wrote? Why?
  4. What are the news you would like to see or read TOMORROW on the media?
  5. Did you ever move to another country?
  6. Do you want to be famous for what you do for living now?
  7. What’s your biggest fear? Why?
  8. Did you ever win a price?
  9. Are you rich? I mean, do you have an average salary, or do you work at all?
  10. Would you join to colonise another planet?
  11. How long do you spend on writing a post? From the first idea to the final publication…even if it’s scheduled.

Well, that was thought. And painfully long. On the other hand, I now have internet back, stable and so on. So expect a constant flow of posts again 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Very nice! Very nice! After learning that you are a physicist, I wanted to ask you a question regarding gravity and the game universe sandbox! Very much enjoyed your answers….especially the language one! Hilarious! Computers, can’t live with them and ….well….computers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Computers, yes. Some people say we live in a simulated universe, that we are some kind of “Sim Earth”. This would explain the dark matter and the dark energy…I’m more a follower of the Holographic Theory. We live in a 13-dimensional universe, with 3 time dimensions, where our universe is just a thin cylindrical cross-section. By the way, the theory is written, published, and it has been a Science cover. And it allows time travel.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you for that. I thought our conversation would be very interesting! Ok. Time travel is one thing, but managing to move close to the speed of light is another. I’m wondering if this is at all possible. I will read the Science article per your suggestion. Dark matter is also very interesting to me. I don’t know what it is, but I know that it is there. The other thing that eludes me is gravity. I can’t really say what it is except that objects that have mass, have it. Any insight? (with regard to gravity?)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Unfortunately nobody knows what gravity is. Gravity is the monster of the SM. As you may know, each field has a particle, that is the force carrier of the field. The EM has photons, the nuclear force has the mesons, the strong force the gluons, and so on. The gravity *should* be described by the exchange of gravitons. It is not. I’d like to. Personally, I think there’s something fundamentally wrong on the SM. If I find out what it is, you will know about it. Because I will have a nobel prize 😀

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha, these do get long, don’t they? But thanks for answering all my weird questions and it was nice to get to know you a bit! Loved your kitchen disaster, by the way. And hoping to read more of The Water Wedding soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It could have been worse, right? About the Water Wedding, there’s a lot in my mind that needs to be written. And filtered, later on. My problem is, I’m never happy with what I write, so I tend to keep it more time than needed. Wrong. I know, but I can’t avoid doing so.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sounds just like a writer! Many writers will say they spend far too much time writing and editing rather than actually finishing a draft and they go on to be successfully published, so maybe you’re on to something. Whether or not you’re actually contemplating publication, I’m very much enjoying your stories and look forward to see where they are going.

        Liked by 2 people

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