Going down

– Pamela, I will never forget you! How could I pay you for all your help?

– Luc, I told you we don’t work this way here. – Indeed she told us. A little bit drunk still, we managed to explain the members of the council ruling the Hedgehog’s corner what we were planning to do… and they approved it. They left us take one of their amphibious rickshaws, that we were using to carry our improvised equipment and our provisions. I didn’t ask why: there’s nothing more valuable here than the news, and the best way to have news is to fabricate them. So Pamela and I were destined to live a new epic saga, the saga of the People who Came Back.

I personally was a little bit scared. Just a little. I believe that the Universe, despite looking like crazy for us now, here, over the Yellow Earth, it’s having laws. The fact that we don’t know them very well is not meaning they are not there. A little like that story with the Dark Matter and the Dark Energy that troubled so many scientist during the mid XXI century. I believe also that, notwithstanding the difficulties, I was still a pretty good physicist, so my theory of the macroscopic levels could be right. Funny enough, the problem of my theory is that it can’t be easily formulated…nonetheless the experimental proof that we lived by Falling.

The deal was written on an Act to make it formal, and also to document it. We were four explorers. Two of them intended to go back to System Earth, while the other two were suppose to stay on this energy level to tell the tale, or to come back as soon as they could. I was on the team staying, Luc and Paul will come back. That was agreed without discussion, I guess some newcomers are as easy as that. Then there was one of the members of the council that seemed to know a quick route to the shores of Matapan and he even made us a sketch of the route to reach it. Nothing complicated, but also not obvious. Like you go down this street, then you rotate 20 degrees to your left, walk 500 meters, and then advance. This type of map. Apparently, he was from around Matapan when on Earth, and he wanted to check how it was looking like now. When we asked him how the gorge was looking like empty of sea, he told us it was looking like the door to Hell, and he didn’t want to elaborate.

It’s hard to estimate how long since we left the Hedgehog’s corner. From the Sun and the Moon’s positions, I will say we left like 4 hours ago, that means nothing in terms of distance but it means we need to make a break for breakfast. The mood was excellent, except maybe for Paul: something seemed to trouble him. Maybe it was the hangover, but he almost didn’t open his mouth since we left. Our quick route was very jumpy, I mean the space-time was bumpy.  Anyway, as a physicist that I am, I was able to observe with pleasure the changing Sun ecliptic. The overall sensation was weird, like if instead of following the path he always follows, this time he decided to dance around, a step to the left, two to the right…from the very beginning of his rise, from the start of our rise. The Sun was not doing that around our apartment building, so we were, no doubt about it, going …down. At least in latitude.



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