Heavy physics and not heavy equipment

– I assume it can be done. – I say. – I never thought about it, but it makes perfect sense. Let’s say we are on a degenerate state, not necessarily the ground one. On that state, we’re likely to receive “particles” from a higher energy level. On this case, the higher energy level being our Earth. There was always this hypothesis of “Gaia” as the ancients called Earth, having an unique mind, being our planet an unique organism, a unique object. In our reality, the Earth is like the Schrodinger’s cat. Instead of dead or alive, it is on “the ground” or on a higher level. The higher level is your System Earth.

– OK, ok, not so fast, Miguel. – Pamela didn’t drink more than a courtesy sip, so she was the sharpest of our group. – I remember all this quantum bullshit. I studied that, Schrodinger was a philosopher also, so to say. The Matrix theory. The Holographic Universe. All that galimatias was already there flying around on the XX’s century. I think I even saw a couple of movies about, when I was able to smuggle the screen from my sister… – She has a sister? I didn’t know about it! – But we’re not particles. We can’t…decay. This I know, so to say. Or should I say this I believe I know?

– Pamela, thank you very much for your comments, it will help us to grasp the context, and I believe, on this case, the context is very important. The SQM is saying that we are waves and particles. As waves, we are able to interfere and react with other waves, as particles, we could collide with things. – Laughs on the table.- As waves, also, we can entangle. Meaning we can be connected with a similar “pair” that is so far away that to communicate with it we need to break the General Relativity…- I look at our mathematicians…- and you know what that means, right?  – They nod. – But let’s continue working with Pamela’s hypothesis. We are not particles. So what are we? How are we able to come here?

– What if we have, so to say, hidden variables that are responsible of the…undesired effects? – Paul was either not understanding a shit or getting it beyond us. – Like the spin in the sixties. Or was it seventies? I don’t know and I don’t care…

– Yes, that is the easy solution. This is my hypothesis: we are, indeed, particles. And our wave function, that I will call our soul, can be defined by a set of extra numbers, the same way you get marks on your aptitude tests. How about that? When your levels are below a certain level, your wave function somehow collapses and ends up here…

– Yeah, yeah, whatever. – Luc again seems to be upset by our disgression. Maybe he’s not a good drinker. – So how do we get back? And who’s coming?

– I’m coming. – Pamela! – I don’t know what you think you need to go down to an Abyss, but probably, I can give it to you! And if I can’t give it to you, I’ll find a way you get what you want. – We all smile to her.-  I told you here you meet a lot of interesting people… and that includes you guys!


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