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File systems supported by different OSs

I just found these tables that I think you should have always at hand, if you want to share successfully your files. This, of course, in case you don’t have your NAS, FTP, or OwnCloud service already available. Maybe I … Continue reading

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SPHIRE reinstall on CentOS 7

I installed it before (as you can read here) then I updated it. Now I’m going to install it anew. The reason is simple: we have a new software model and the old version is giving me library errors. Let’s … Continue reading

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NIC is receiving, but not transmitting

So I have this Linux computer that was connected upstairs. Everything was fine and running perfectly. Then I switch if off and move it to a new location with brand new ports. On the new location, the Linux computer doesn’t … Continue reading

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rsync failed to set permissions on : Function not implemented (38)

I’m cleaning up. As a lamer SysAdmin that I am, I have several HDs floating around, each one with a different backup of my systems. I decided to clean up this mess, now that they sell 4 TB portable hard … Continue reading

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Cannot login on CentOS 7 with lightdm

I changed gdm, the default CentOS 7 desktop manager, because it was crashing frequently on machines with more than one GPU. I found out gdm didn’t know where to run when there was more than one graphic card. The problem … Continue reading

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No mobile data after upgrade to Android 7.X nougat

It’s about time I add android to the collection of tips & tricks I write here. I need to have the latest software available always. I need to, since people ask me about it at work. It’s the curse of … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI kivy touchscreen clock

I got a lot of Raspberry PI from display calendars, with touchscreen. Since they are not going to be used anymore (in principle) I want to recycle them somehow. The idea is to have a small screen that will give … Continue reading

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