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A relion 2.1.stable module for CentOS 7

There is a new relion to add to the collection. You can find the installation details here. I will tell you my experience doing as suggested. First thing that it calls my attention on the github instructions is that they … Continue reading

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Install openmpi-3.0.0 with UCX and infiniband support on CentOS 7

So I found out (yes I’m not on all mailing lists) there’s a new openmpi. This will be the third time I do this, and I guess it will not be the last. You check how to install openmpi-2.1.0 on Centos … Continue reading

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Ho ho ho

I wake up and I look to my desk in the darkness. There’s definitely something moving over there. My cat? It can’t be my cat, I don’t have one as far as I remember. A rat? One of the outside … Continue reading

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I don’t like it

I know that it’s a lame excuse, but I got a new laptop, and when I type the keyboard does this “tip tap tip tap tap ” that may remembers you to a typewriter but it’s not a typewriter. I … Continue reading

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Windows XP ignoring the hosts file

A little bit of context is needed. We have a subnet with 3 computers that need to connect to each other. It’s a Windows XP, a Windows 7 and a Centos 6. We can’t get rid of the OS, since … Continue reading

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A cisTEM module on CentOS 7

cisTEM is user-friendly software to process cryo-EM images of macromolecular complexes and obtain high-resolution 3D reconstructions from them. And you will find it here. I will not discuss about why you want to have it on your system instead of … Continue reading

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ipFire install

NOTE: this project was not used at the end, and information here is written only as a reference. We need to have control over a specific set of computers. Basically, what we need is control over a subnet that, despite … Continue reading

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