iCloud calendar on Google Calendar


Out there it’s a jungle. You have iCloud calendar events, Google Calendar events, Thunderbird calendar events… and maybe your “own” calendar events. I already used a raspberry pi2 plus a touchscreen to display my own web-based calendar, that is locally installed on my apache server. Now, I wanted to do the same for my agenda.

I was a heavy Google user since the very beginning, despite of all the data mining. Since I don’t think Apple is handling my data better than them, I decided to import the iCloud calendars on my Google calendar.

There are several ways. But this is the easiest one. Provided you own the iCloud calendar, or you can ask the user to send you the email. I will repeat what is written on the above post with a small variation. Sorry but what can I say, these are notes after all.

  1. In iCloud, Click the Share button to the right of the calendar you want to share, then select Public Calendar.
  2. Copy the link, by clicking on the url, right click + copy, command +C or similar. If you want somebody else to have the calendar, copy the link on an email and send it to him.
  3. Open the Google calendar, click on the arrow to the right of the section “Other calendars” on the left panel. Select “Add by URL”, and copy the link you got from iCloud or vial email from your friend.
  4. Once it appears on your section “Other calendars” you can edit it, change its name (by default is the url) and color…

They say it can and most often WILL take up to 24 hours for events from the subscribed calendar to display in Google. I will try to work on that issue, and update this post if needed.


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