Installing MyBB forum on Fedora 22


Do you remember my problems with mariadb service not starting on Fedora 22? Well, all of it was in order to install a simple forum on a local apache server. After a lot of playing around (I don’t want to tell you about the failures) I found the easiest and prettiest one. It’s called myBB. After the installation you see also that myBB is so good that it’s even more than a forum, it’s a statistical tool, a communication platform, and a rudimentary social network, since you can edit your profile by updating a picture, private message (PM) to somebody else on the forum and check the popularity of the members. After the flowers, let’s cut to the chase. You can download myBB here. Also you can wget, curl, and similar on your folder of choice, but I simply downloaded it. As I said, I have an apache server and a working phpMyAdmin installation, so I’m not going to explain you here and now how to get one.

After you have the zip ball unzipped you need to follow the installation instructions as explained. It’s a little bit confusing, since you get an “Upload” folder IN the upload folder. I renamed this one to my-forum, moved it upstairs and started directly with the installation. I quote: “To access the installer you must navigate to the install/ directory of your site”. That is: http://my-machine-name/my-forum/install/ or http://my-machine-IP/my-forum/install/, being my-machine-IP a number like 192.168.XX.XX or similar. You know what’s an IP, otherwise you’re not here.

Well, that’s it. You follow the installation instruction, and at the end, you’ll get a myBB forum. If I need to comment something, is about how easy is to configure it. And it gives you what it promises: a fully functional forum. You can even change the logo so it’s not a advertisement of the company. So one point less on my long, never-ending, TODO list. Have a nice weekend, all 🙂


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