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Data analysis of a big storage

The boss bought a PB storage solution. The PB storage has a limited number of inodes and it is optimized for files of a certain size, let’s say 200MB. In principle it is a very nice improvement versus NFS mounted … Continue reading

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exFAT support on CentOS 7

This is an easy one. It has been described already by kickass but as usual, I want to make a post about it as a personal note. This is also a diary, after all. So my yum command, as root, … Continue reading

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Installing MyBB forum on Fedora 22

Do you remember my problems with mariadb service not starting on Fedora 22? Well, all of it was in order to install a simple forum on a local apache server. After a lot of playing around (I don’t want to … Continue reading

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mariadb service not starting on Fedora 22

Today I was trying to install natika on my apache server. My server is a Fedora 22 machine. I know, it’s an old system, but if it works, why to change it? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. I know … Continue reading

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Not advancing

I’m not getting anywhere. My muse is gone, or on a sick leave. I’m blocked trying to do something like google spreadsheets without google. I’d like to have it for the intranet, and I’d like to control it all. I … Continue reading

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100 Billion days & 100 Billion nights

“Orionae?” The cyborg philosopher tilted his head, frowning, then began hesitantly.  “A long time ago,  I heard of a civilization that believed in an evil supreme being who existed in opposition to their good god. I have visited the village … Continue reading

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Fedora 22 sssd failed with status 3

Oh, this is a good one. I updated my apache server from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 and I gave up on sssd because I didn’t need it at that moment. I’m the only one accessing to it, and I … Continue reading

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