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The Challenge

“…aaaaand DONE!” “Wow, amazing, 3 liters of beer! You got me, here you have your credits.” I leave the last one empty liter mug beside the other two and I pick up with a smooth move the golden coins my … Continue reading

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Scipion 1.1 module on CentOS 7

After a long break of not writing at all, I will try to regularly make entries again. At least, one per day. One of software, one of fiction. Probably I will not manage, but today I’m going to try to … Continue reading

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Antikythera mechanism

I just realized I didn’t add a picture of the historical artifact. Here you have it. I’m not going to insult your intelligence and add a wikipedia link. Just a couple of comments about: this one, together with the Phaistos Disc almost convinced me … Continue reading

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