Geography issues

It is hard to understand the geography of this new world. In principle, one can think it’s not so different, since people tend to stay around the area of the City they end up after falling, the inhabited clusters we call kernels. The most striking physical difference is, if we ignore the green moon with the tail and the space time inconsistency, the lack of our oceans. Despite of it, water seems to flow through a more extensive, world-wide and heavily packed, network of channels that we call in general the Rivers, and locally, only the river.

Some rivers seems to flow even against logic, upstream. Some of them are too straight to be natural, but the majority of them go through the path our rivers flow. So they are dubbed as the Earth ones, Thamesis, Donau, Ebro, Amazonas, and so on. Since we don’t have a reliable map of this earth, we can’t say all the Earth rivers are here, either that they follow the same route. Some people tried already to estimate the total amount of water, based on the number of rivers, the water speed, and so on. As far as I understood, our water is there, meaning this is still a Blue Planet, but it is distributed more evenly, instead of on big seas. There are small lakes, for example on the empty Mediterranean there is an agreement to call the water surface remaining close to Greece Thalassa,  Jadran to the equivalent Adriatic, Tyrren to the one around Corsica, and so on. I don’t know the names of the other lakes, but they exist all around. Then you have the oceanic trenches. The Mariana trench, Puerto Rico, and Cabo Verde were reported to be full with water, but some other trenches were missing. There were also new ones, like the Mid Atlantic one.

The other mystery (or not so mysterious if you think about it) is where are our trees, where are the forests. This dimension seems to be sun scorched earth, the yellow being the predominant color. The obvious answer seems to be on the Moon. The moon here is the green lung that on Earth is the Amazon, or the plankton of the seas. The accepted theory is that there is a flow of CO2 to the moon, and a flow of O2 back, through the green umbilical cord the transporters are using. Or something like that.

But to have an explanation to the problem of how we’re able to breath here is not meaning we understand it all. And the biggest question of all, the question that is our subject of research, is still unanswered. Who built the City and why?


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