Kernel Seville

Right after we finished our onigiris the mecacar slowed down. From before, I know that a decrease of speed means the destination is close by or a change of path. Sometimes, you simply look like going in a straight direction, but in reality what you follow is a curve, and sometimes, these curves get extremely sharp, to the point that you can feel the centripetal force somehow drawing you to your left or to your right, like in an adult version of a merry-go-round.

I remember the Seville from Earth, of course. The area we are approaching has been populated mostly with the migrants from the original one. Amongst them of course you had the city lovers, those that were able to kill somebody for saying that they didn’t like their town. It’s true that Sevilla, the original one, not this kernel version, is a truly gorgeous architectonic pleasure, with the biggest gothic cathedral in the world in the very heart of the city. Oddly enough, kernel Seville has some kind of temple in the center also. Unfortunately for the deeply catholic lost inhabitants of the original one, it is not as gorgeous as the original. The style, that I studied already, is interesting enough: as other big temples of the Yellow Earth, it’s a multipurpose space, but this one, as a difference with the others, has a central high altar dedicated to the Sun. That one, of course, was the one brought down by the migrants fallen from Seville to build up its new Cathedral.

Actually, the image they now walk through the kernel in processions, from time to time, is not exent of some oddworld beauty. The tradition of parading our Lady of the Sun, a vaguely feminine figure dressed with gorgeous mantles from the original Seville, has now, as far as I know, 50 years of history and a loyal and growing group of devout followers. To the point that, despite of the ancient roman styled architecture predominant on this kernel, one could feel kernel Seville is simply a neighborhood of the Sevilla from Earth. I heard they’re even going to start their own Feria!


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