How to go to kernel Rome

“Doctor Wolfgang?” I look at Hiro. Sometimes his politeness is annoying. “How do we go to kernel Rome? Last time we travelled barely a hundred kilometers it took us a day…”

“I understand your concerns, young Hiro.” I make a dramatic break. I know it’s not anymore the time of magistral classes, but I do enjoy teaching properly, even to a single person. Even if what I know can’t be called the type of science under my control. “You know as everybody else the wild nature of this Space. In contrast with our native space, the dimensions here are not homogeneous… they have these non-euclidean annoyances that we’re not able to locate with your naked eye.” I look at Hiro, that is at this moment deviating his attention to the box where we store the Watch. As a teacher, I also learned to read the signs of boredom, when the student is already aware of the subject, or is not understanding the approach I’m taking. “What you don’t know is that the System worked out a method to locate what they call the minimal paths from one point to the other. Did you hear to talk about the minimizers?”

“Yes.” He bows slightly, as ashamed. I read his face. He doesn’t seem to be lying, so I wait for more. “That day we went to the Market on the Seville kernel, to get some digging tools. I heard those thugs speaking about a machine that can tell you the best way to go from Seville to Berlin, without getting lost in the middle…I guess that was the same device you’re speaking about.” Also he’s telling the truth on this one. It does worth to report about it to the System, even if they know about an illegal minimizer, it could help us to gain credibility in front of them.

“Right. What you may not know is how they work. Actually, it’s pretty simple: if you know the origin and the destination, you just ask the minimizer to print you out the way. As a result, you get this. ” I show Hiro the route plan that came attached to the acceptance letter. I let him read the cryptic instructions: from our current coordinates, 36.50,-6.26 to 37.39,-5.95, marked as Seville, there is a list of at least 10 other coordinates. The paper is having more than 150 sets of numbers. Some are labelled, some are not.

“Nice. But how they really work?”

“This I can only guess: the System may have some kind of SSD probe that is able to scan the probable paths from point A to point B. The probe is able to work without being affected by the anomalies. You know, quantum systems work in total fine here. It’s only the classical component, the one affected by our constants, the part that fails. You know, decoherence, decay and collapse of wave functions, and all these shit we don’t need to care about.” Hiro smiles. “We’re archaeologist.  OK, I’m an archaeologist. In any case, you don’t need to care about it if it works, don’t you think so?”


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