The watch

What will be marvelous is to have just a remote idea of how old is our Antikythera watch. Logic dictates it is posterior to the mechanism from Earth. It is much better preserved, but here, with our special climate, I couldn’t say that it was naturally preserved like that. On this paper magazine that we, the scientist on Yellow Earth manage to print from time to time, I read something about anomalous time zones being experienced somewhere close to the Mediterranean Kernel, the place corresponding to the center of Earth’s mediterranean sea. No city was ever existing there, as far as I know, but here you find magnificent buildings comparable to the ones of the continental plate. I should ask Hiro to check that sources, just to cross out that possibility that we’re being cheated by these fancy laws of nature we are not familiar with.

I have two working hypothesis. One is that the people that built Earth’s Antikythera mechanism somehow fell here. This will be already a big discovery: we will have the proof that in former times, people were already falling to this land. This theory will also explain for free all the disappearances ever registered before the massive ones, so it’s quite a candy. My other theory, more fantastic, is that the one from Earth was an imperfect copy of the watches used here. Meaning we earthlings copied something we saw here before. After all, we have the same calendar: on the back of our watch, clearly readable with a magnifier one can read on shining letters ,ΘΟΘ, Thoth, ΦΑΩΦΙ, Phaophi, ΑΟΤΡ,Athyr, and so on until ΕΠ.

The problem is the writings on the additional wheels of our watch. What are they for? We can move them so they form combinations, but the alphabet there doesn’t seem to match anything on Earth. I can only dream about its meaning, but I have a hunch: they are coordinates. Now, what Hiro, my linguistic expert, needs to find out, is simply how to correlate them with ours. Not a standard job of astronomy, archaeology and linguistic, but PhDs are not easy to get, even more, nowadays.


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