“So what you try to tell us… is that the Romans built up this city?” Over the table, a bunch of map of the Northern Hemisphere, showing all the river branches, and the main population kernels, dubbed after the corresponding cities on Earth. Around it, the funding group.

“Yes, Mr. President. The romans built it, or at least, they started to build it. We found clear coincidences on building techniques. The basic street planning, saving the non-euclidean parts, matches the one of the Low Roman Empire. And then you have Rome, and the Artifact there.”

“We are aware of the Artifact there, Doctor. What we want to know is how the romans, or whoever built that, came here, and why they left.”

“I have some theories… I need technology to prove them, unfortunately. I need C14 dating, to be more precise.”

“How the hell you want to make C14 dating work on a different quantum regime? Even I know that the speed of light is different here, and that the electronic devices don’t care to work as in the System.”

“Well, they can be adjusted…I could make correlations. I have my ways, I simply don’t have the tools. That’s why I want you to call for a transport of them. What I offer you, dear committee, is to know, precisely, when everybody here left before we arrive. Maybe, if my tools work, I will be able to tell you where they left, and how long it took them to empty the City. Maybe even why they did that. To leave, I mean.”

“Are you kidding us, Doctor? Are you telling us that you can deduce all that information from the trashes that are accumulated around the kernels?”

“Sorry, but I’m not crazy, it was done before. I’m a serious person, Mr. President. I don’t make jokes. The question I have for myself is, am I able to tell you with enough precision when they left, and where? For that, I need an SSD equipment.”

“The question here, Doctor, is not if we give you the SSD equipment, but if we can trust your theories. As you know, things are going a little bit tight at the other side. If you ask for something like that, we do need to give them an excuse to produce it. Or more than an excuse, a hope. That’s the point of this meeting, to find that hope.”


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