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I’ve been researching a little about what’s the current world’s usage of this tool called WordPress. (WP from now on). I want to know who’s using it, and who’s developing on in. I know it from long time ago, but I didn’t have time (as usual) to do the digging. I start with my findings of usage. Last year there was a post about WP usage. I will keep from it two numbers: 26.4% as the number of webs powered in some way by WP CMS (Content Management System) and 449 people as the number of workers of it. I don’t believe of course the first number that appears on Google, so I will try to cross check it later. Then you have this article about surprising statistics of WP that states on point 7 that employs only 229 people. The article is from 2014, meaning they almost doubled the number of workers in 2 years. Both articles unfortunately come from the same source, something called ManageWP that most probably is a spin-off of the main company, so let’s assume that this doubling of the number of workers can happen. To cross check the usage of WP on the internet (the 26.4%) I need to go to an independent source. That can be difficult if the number is true. If you go down the results, you can read on Torque (unfortunately one WP site) that WP domination is of 26.9%. So far so good.

Let’s try googling Joomla usage stats. I know drupal is also a popular CMS, but I don’t know drupal myself, so I will ignore it. The plot shown on this link seems to confirm the mystic number, and so do the pie chart here. I’m then convinced that 30% of the Internet cake is for WP.

And all of this research why? you may ask yourself, kind reader. The question is very legit, and the answer is also very easy. I have a clear dip on my readers during the weekend. I do post during the weekends, but I tend not to do it, if I have something else to do, like going out or watching a movie. I was wondering what kind of readers I have. If it is a professional or a personal blogger, like me. My followers, I follow, so I know more or less. The problem is the others. But I’ll take it easy, now I know I’m protected by the massive 30% of the internet. Therefore, have a nice (rest of) the day 🙂


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