The transporter

I can’t see clearly. I feel very cold also. I think we are half a kilometer over the moon’s surface. Mu is grabbing me from time to time, to help me climb. This is no more a string what I’m climbing, but a thick tree trunk. It’s filled with holes, and I know it’s made with different fibers, but my shoes simply don’t get a grip as they should, so I advance two meters and I slip down one. I feel like Sisyphus, trying to achieve a goal that I know I will never achieve. But Mu keep pulling me up.

Then I see it. The size and shape of a fat and bubbly school bus, it comes down slowly and doubtfully. Like if it’s smelling the danger we represent. It has no obvious head. Its leg are multiple and oddly distributed, one directly in front of me, five to the left, eight to the right. They look uncomfortably fragile. Wait, some of the legs seems to bifurcate, so maybe the whole thing is symmetric, after all. No, it is not. I don’t know. I don’t care.

“Stay still” Mu orders. I obey. It’s easy for me, I can’t barely move. The transporter goes down hesitantly. Mu grabs me and press me over the surface of the trunk, so now we’re a lump over a tree. For the first time I smell Mu, his scent is tranquilizing, like the aroma of exotic flowers. Or is it the transporter? The thing comes over us, stops, and suddenly I see it: a big vegetal mouth is opening right in my sky, pulsing in an obscene way over us. I freeze.

“Don’t move or you will scare it!” Mu whispers. I try to be a stone, I try to stop my heartbeats. The dark hole over grows bigger, and it encircle us. Multiple little tentacles from the borders of his mouth, from his lips, inspect me, and my companion. I feel dirty. I think I’m going to faint when the transporter, in a smooth move, giving a kind of bite to the trunk we’re grabbing, seems to eat us.

And we’re in. And I can breath! The air smells like a swamp, and the room we are – one of the transporter stomachs, I guess – is having some kind of microgravity that is making me float over the skin when I make a minimal effort. Nice that I don’t fall anymore. What I need now is to try to speak.

“Mu.” He looks at me. The stomach skin is also slightly fluorescent , like everything that roots for a while. I find out I have not words. “Thanks.” I can’t find anything else to say. He grins his big smile. Now he really looks like a demon. “Feeling better now?” I nod. “Now it’s time to ride the lightning!”


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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