“So now what?” We just finished drinking from one of the water pools at the bottom of the strands. Mu is as silent as usual. He grabbed and ate already some of the balloon worms, meaning they are some kind of plants, but I’m not hungry yet. He looks up, where the green manta rays float, in a dreamy way.

“Climb. We need to reach a transporter able to carry us. They don’t eat here, the big ones are much above us, or much down, depending of your point of view.” He smiles his half a meter length fangy smile. I look up also. The Earth is not visible because of the mist of this area. Everything above is shining with a greenish colour. “Pity that you can’t control your body function, can you?” Then I try like I imagine one needs to try, feeling another place, feeling the distance, and thinking hard about being there. But I don’t feel anything beyond the place we are. He laughs. “He he he he! Quite an effort you’re making there! You need to change your body function, not to make popo in your pants!” I burst in laughs also. Fucking air, it is definitely having something toxic, helium or something! While laughing, Mu open his mouth so much that I’m afraid he’s going to eat himself up.

“Don’t worry, we will find a way up. I have military training, you know?” He show surprise. I’m almost sure it’s surprise. Since we play the game of secrecy, I don’t elaborate. In a temptative way, I grab the thin hair that goes up from the circular pool we just drunk water from, and I pull it down. Nothing happens. I pull more, and more, until something snaps over me, and I feel no more the string tension. When I release it, the hair seems to float, it loses rigidity and ends up being an amorphous serpentine shape. The lower part, the root, seems to realise something is wrong, and it lets its extreme free also. The whole thing floats up like smoke now. This is going to be tough, and dangerous.

My companion observes with a very interesting face how the filament floats up, maybe evaluating where it goes. “I guess I need to find a thicker one. ” Then I understand. “Do you know if the green mantas are dangerous?”

“The what?” I point up, where one of them is floating like waiting for the strand I freed to reach its range. “Ah, those ones. No, not at all. And they are very tasty. Because…” we finish the phrase together ” I’m vegetarian.” Again we almost fall down rolling because of the laughs. LOL.


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