The shore

The end of Mare Serenitatis is at sight. We didn’t speak so much after the strawberry field, we just happily jump one after the other, if Mu being first, I trying to reach him, if it’s me who’s winning, he chasing me. Like this, encouraged by the alcohol, we crossed the 50 kilometers in the blink of an eye. And the view at the border of the Mare was grandiose. The filament that I saw hanging from the moon, the one used by the transporters, is not a thick string, as I imagined it, and it is not fixed to a specific place. It is not a beanstalk. Instead, the filament seems to be anchored all around the triangle of Serenitatis, Frigoris, and Imbrium. Thousands of strands depart from the ground of this area, to join together in the sky the ones coming from beyond the horizon. Each strand is separated around a hundred meter, each strand of a variable thickness between a hair and a tennis ball, but together, they no doubt create a nice trunk high in the sky. The whole thing seems to be falling south, and the visual effect is quite disturbing, like to watch a tree in a permanent fall, in the middle of a greyish mist. From Yellow earth, the strand seems to hang directly from the point the crater Tycho should be, if this Moon has the same geography. I can imagine that is an optical effect, after all, maybe caused by the fact the connection is not unique. Maybe it becomes dense enough at the latitude of Tycho, as seen from the Yellow Earth.

I see also the transporters, all around. They come in different sizes, and they seem to work on thickening the strands. Some of them slide down, some climb up. Some are bulbous, some are regular. I see also more creatures that I don’t have time to name properly because I don’t know their ancestors, but I can easily dub, for the references. Right above us we have the green manta rays. They are triangles that seem to float at an average height of 20 meters, a little above the distance I can jump in this gravity, flying like butterflies. I can’t see any feature, so maybe they don’t have. To our left, we have some moving bushes. The size of a big dog, they look fluffy and friendly. I will call those ones vegetable sheeps. They drift together, but apparently, they are not being sheeped by anybody. We have also small floating, millipede-looking insects that I will call balloon worms. Maybe they are seeds. Or I’d like to have those type of seeds if I were a plant, that of course is not the case. And then you have also, of course, the giant strawberries and the rabbits.


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