The body function

After his awkward statement, Mu releases me. Again, without discussing it, we restart our walk, first slowly, then at a much faster path, sometimes he following me, sometimes I am following him. In 15 minutes, if my internal clock is still right, we reach the strawberry field. The last jump makes me land in the middle of it. The berries are enormous, gigantic, some of them of the size of my very head.

“Are they mutants?” I ask aloud, without waiting for an answer. Mu plucks one of the big ones and puts it inside his even bigger mouth. His munching sounds funny. “What is a mutant? Are you a mutant?”. I bite my strawberry. They are extremely juicy and soft. The feeling is like to bite a cloud, or maybe a very spongy bread. No, they are not mutants, they simply grow like this in this environment. “No, I’m a normal human.” I say.

“But normal humans are not black, aren’t they?” Surprise surprise. I’ve never expected to explain races to aliens, or whatever Mu is. “Look Mu. I explain you my color and you explain me this thing of the body function, OK?” He nods to me, very fast, very clear, repeating the movement several times, like a toy. I wait until he stop nodding, make a break, take a deep breath, and start. ” Humans are varied. We come in different colors. The reason for it has been discussed widely since the beginning of our science, and there was no agreement. Some people argue it’s an adaptative solution. Some people claim the features are reminders of our mixing with other races. I don’t know what it the truth. And actually I don’t care. But it is a fact that there is a distribution of different external features depending on your origin. Inside, we are all the same, two arms, two legs, one heart, etc. “Mu smiles. Maybe he doesn’t have a heart? ” Probably the places you visit before meeting me were inhabited by other type of humans, that’s why you didn’t meet a black person before. Where have you been previously?”

“I don’t know, here and there… but I never met somebody with your skin color.” I don’t know how to take that sentence, neither. As far as I know, the population of Africa fell in the same way than the others. Then you have also the Afro Americans. The ones that survived the nuclear bombing. Or maybe I missed some event, or simply, and most probably, Mu knows only asian areas. “So can you explain me now what is that thing of the body function you were mentioning?”

“Yes, of course, my friend.” I feel uneasy when he refers to me as a friend. I don’t know if he’s joking, he feels it, or he doesn’t know a better way to address me in a conversation. “It’s very simple. You are mass. ” I nod. “Mass is everywhere, or everywhere I know. ” I nod again, and bite my giant strawberry. It’s a little bit cooked by the sun, so the liquids the berry releases are slightly alcoholic. Another nice surprise, I’m getting drunk. He continues. “So are you. The difference between this strawberry here ” – he throws it up in the sky to then, opening his mouth, eating it without even a gulp – “and you is that you know where you are. ”  Now he stands up, and starts walking slowly in a circle. “So if I know where I am, I know where I want to go, and I know it is possible for me to be there, why can’t I be there?” He is now by my side, grinning. I grin back, the most ironic way I can. I think I got it. I try to express what he said with scientific words. “That is, in other words, your body function is allowing you, with a certain probability, to exist in a place different from this one if there is a probability, different from zero, for you, to be there.” Mu looks at me. His grin vanishes into something that I could only call indifference. “That’s what she said!” He says. We laugh.


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