“How can we get one? And where are them?” I remember something about the lack of oxygen being hallucinogen. This is the right place to take into account those effects. I landed here, and I stayed low for a while, therefore I didn’t feel it up to now, when I approached higher lands.

“Do not worry, my dear friend.” Mu speaks English in a funny way, like using phrases out of old advertisements, with a little accent that reminds me of India. Obviously English is not his mother tongue. “If our destiny is to find a transporter, we will. Sometimes the pleasure is on the trip, not on the destination.” I repeat my questions again. Several times. He doesn’t seem to care. We walk more. I jump, and a second later, he does it. In the middle of the jump, he flickers, like when I met him, and comes back to focus again in a couple of seconds, just before reaching the ground. “They are not far from here, less than 50 klicks, on the border of the Mare Serenitatis. “50 kilometers is a lot. Nothing that I can not cover, but not a walk. He seems to realize my concern. “Jesse, are you tired, do you want to make a break or something?”

“Wait a minute. What is going on?” Maybe because of my current mind frame, I processed the information about the 50 clicks but I ignored the fact that he simply popped out of existence and popped back with new information. “Can you move around the space?” I don’t find a better way to express what I think he did.

“You mean do this? ” Mu disappears from my side, and a waving monster with horns materializes around a hundred meters in front of me, just to vanish again before I focus my eyes. Alone for a surprisingly long minute, I call him. But when I turn my head, there he is, to my right. “Here I am!” We keep an awkward silence for a few minutes.” I see.” He laughs, open mouth, letting me see all the glory of his vegetarian teeth. ” He he he he. So you’re not aware of your body function, aren’t you?” I stare at his big eyes. He looks at me, smiling in his non-human way. We don’t stop walking, and I don’t ask for an explanation. We just walk and walk and walk. Is he going to tell me? Shall I ask?

“Shall we make a break? I feel some strawberries not so far from here. After the next hills.” I nod. Moon strawberries. So I was right. “I can get you another rabbit, if you need it. It’s not for me, you know, we are…”

“Vegetarians, you told me. But that and your name is all I know. ” He could be leading me to a trap, as far as I know. I shiver. I need to risk it. “Let’s make a break. But before we make it, I want you to tell me the truth. Why did you come to me?”

“Jesse, my friend.” I think Mu is trying to show me a serious face. Since it’s the first non-human I meet, I don’t know if this is what he really wants to express. “I came to you because I heard your call. You need a partner, here I am!” He waves his arms around his body, in a circular gesture with a clear meaning but with a little comical result. “Didn’t you feel alone here on the moon?”

“Yes I do.” Still walking, he comes closer, and slowly wrap his arm around my waist. I don’t resist. His big hand feels cold over my shirt. He grabs me tighter. We stop, and face each other. He puts his other hand in my waist, like sustaining me, gently. I let him do. Now he has me the way a man holds a lover before a kiss. I smile with the thought. He smiles back. “Then it’s settled. Welcome partner, welcome home.”


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