Walking on

“Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don’t break
Walking on the moon
We could walk forever…”

I miss my SSD Player. I didn’t have time to recover it before I got dumped by Machiko. Gosh, I guess it is the most memorable dump on the history of mankind. I’ve been dumped to the Moon! I wonder if I will make it to the Guinness record book, or something similar.

So I sing my own songs, while walking. Now that I have the stomach full, I don’t jump. I have a good memory, therefore I prepare a moon themed playlist. Walking on the moon, The Police. Man on the moon, REM. Moon over bourbon street, Sting…and in the meantime, I forget where I am. I feel a little intoxicated. Was it the moon rabbit? Was it the green goo? The water? I consider sitting…

“Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come”

But I know by experience that, if you’re under the effects of an unknown substance, the best is to continue acting as if the thing was not in. This is already a trippy place, therefore the only thing I need to do is not to take it as serious as before. For example, that big grey guy with horns that seems to walk with a steady path in my direction must be obviously an effect of the intoxication. And now he walks with me. The mountains don’t move. He speaks.

“Where are you going?” He’s humanoid only. It reminds me something out of a japanese tale, some kind of oni. He’s also dressed like one of them, so I ask. “Are you an oni?” He looks at me, undisturbed, and keeping my walking speed, before answering. “Are you a gaijin?” I nod. “Then I am an oni.” I smile. Why am I so relieved? I just met a mythological being, and he spoke to me. “Are they all here?” I ask my oni. “It depends of what you call all ” it’s his surprising answer ” I saw a few elves over there, and an unicorn. But they don’t seem to be very solid. I tried to eat one the other day…and he popped out of the existence.” I smile like a stupid. Should I have laughed? Was that a joke? We keep walking. “What an uncourteous thing to do, to disappear without any goodbye.” He looks at me. Or I think it’s a he. Suddenly, he starts laughing. His mouth is very big, and he has two big fangs in addition to the pleyade of pointing teeth. “He he he he. I like you. ” I tremble, maybe I’m his moon rabbit and he likes to speak with his preys before lunch.

“Don’t worry, I’m vegetarian.” He says, like after reading my mind. “These fangs ” he grabs then with his big hands “are an anachrony, our kind don’t need such an appendix anymore. I was thinking about cutting them off, as a lot of people are doing in the City, but I’m afraid of the pain… so I keep them.”

My trembling is gone. “I’m Jesse” I say. “You can call me Mu ” is his answer.  We shake our hands, still walking. Don’t stop. In my head, Journey suddenly starts playing.

“Just a small town girl
Livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere..”

“Where are you going, Jesse?” I answer babbling incoherences, about that I’m not supposed to be there, about Machiko and about my desire to come back. “Well, maybe I can’t even come back to my Earth, but I will not be sure until I try it.” Mu looks at me. “Dear Jesse, it is possible to come back. Or it was. What you can’t do is to break the local space-time continuum…the non-local, maybe you can. Do you copy me?” I nod. “But let’s fix one problem at a time. First we need to get a transporter!”


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A traveller, an IT professional and a casual writer
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