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I don’t have clear what’s going to happen with Jesse and Machiko, and also the plot of the story. I don’t even have a title for the project. But I have an universe, a big scene, so maybe I can simply let my people evolve there, add some knots, and see what’s happening to them. To write at least 200 words per day is not a big challenge, the challenge is to write them in a coherent way, so that the reader is fatally engaged by the first ten words and surprised of the end when the entry is done. So that if I pack the posts all together, the result is a good, coherent, long read.

Actually, this is my third long plot, my third universe. The first one is the one of The echelon. The second starts with 1992. Both are unfinished, and they will stay like that unless I have a new dream to complete them, or I have time to pack them in an eBook form. But knowing myself, I will probably start yet another three plots, before coming back to the previous, blocked ones. What can I say? I’m an amateur, I don’t get money from it…and English is not my main language 😛


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