On Earth, one of the greatest unsolved questions was if there was water on the Moon. If we extrapolate, the answer here on the Green Moon pretty obvious: wherever there’s vegetation, there must be water. The problem is how to get it.

Luckily I fulfill at least two requirements to be a successful segametsi, a water diviner. I come from a hot country, so I know about water deprivation, and I can stand without it for a day, maybe two. The second is, I’ve been trained for it.

The years of the military service on the System are compulsory. Although I was born before the system was established, at one point I was forced to pass through the army to get access to the most basic resources, like the right to live. To be fair, I must say I had a choice: the choice to do it or to be deported forever to the Zone. I had a taste of the Zone during the training, and I don’t regret I chose to live.

I never saw the enemy we were getting ready to fight. It was not presented to us. I think the issue was not whom to fight but to be ready for it. But thanks to the pass through my local Academia some years ago, I don’t get old anymore, and that is indeed something you need to be thankful of. While walking over the green surface, I try to remember the face of my instructor back in the 80’s, but I can’t. All that I get is an indistinct military face, of an undefined age, that could be computer generated.

I jump. I do this each 50 steps in my way to the nearest mountains, just to have a quick look around from the higher ground. From 5 meters above the surface, everything looks like a green field. Pity that the green goo that covers it all can’t be squeezed to get the water I need. That was the first idea, and of course, I took it from my training. Get a piece of tissue, wrap in green goo as much as you can, and then smash it until you release its juice. And nothing came out. Probably, with time, I could get the water out of it, like for example via distillation, but I don’t plan to stay here for so long, so I gave up that solution. The mountains seem to be like 15 kilometers away from my landing point, give it or take it, so I decided to go there, to look directly for liquid (or solid) water around the base of the mountain chain. If I don’t find it there, I may encounter another type of vegetation, that I know it must exist. With such a flow of matter between worlds, panspermia is a sure thing. In fact, I will not be surprised if I find tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, and similar plants coming from small seeds, since given the right circumstances, they must grow here. It’s not a moon of cheese, but it could be sweet to find them, so I will get both food and drinks in a shot.

And I wonder also, do we have native life? How old is this green goo, for example? As far as I know, life could have started here on the Green Moon, then migrated to the Yellow Earth. Just picture some kind of negative Earth-Moon system, where the Earth is the big and dead partner. Everything is possible! I jump again, and in the middle of the air… there it is! Water! Inside that small hole! I stumble in that direction, and fall over the little crater ridges of around 20 cm high. I taste it with the tip of my tongue. Ohh, it’s so tasty…I hope it’s not poisonous. I make a bowl with my hand and I drink, drink, and drink. Now I’m only hungry.


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